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I've been searvching for hours and poking at the Mac to try and figure this out:



  • Airport Extreme base station, serving up DHCP 10.0.1.x range
  • Mac Mini (10.7)
  • AV receiver with ethernet port



  1. I need to access local network & internet access to the receiver, via the Mini's unused ethernet port.
  2. Other airport extreme DHCP clients must be able to resolve/access the receiver's IP address



Basic ICS (Internet Sharing) on the Mini presents the receiver with a canned 192.168.2.x address.  This enables the receiver to access other network resources, including internet.  Great.  It does not, however, allow other airport extreme client access to the receiver.  I cannot ping the receiver's assigned addy because it;s an unknown NATd network created locally on the Mini.  I need to find a way to either provide some route transltion on the AP extreme, or find a way to transitively use one of the AP extreme's 10.0.1.x IPs directly on the Receiver, through the mini.


In short, I think I need a way to use the MAc Mini as a simple bridge to the ethernet-connected receiver, if thsiis even possible, rather than NATing the receiver's IP.



Anyone have a clue how I can achieve this?


Thanks in advance.

Mac mini (Early 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.5)