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I prefer macbook air's because of their size (and definitely for their price) and my 2011 11" model has served me quite well. My only problem is the battery life. It's supposed to get 5 hours of usage which is usually what I get, but not continuous use. In the fall I'll be in music school using Sibelius 7 (music notation software), Microsoft Office, and other programs almost all day. I'm fairly certain this will make my battery life close to 3 hours if that....I even upgraded my SSD with an Aura Pro 480GB hard drive just to avoid getting a new computer. My hope is that OS X Mavericks will improve my battery life. Is it possible to get more than 5 hours of use with a single charge? I watched the keynote and everything they said about battery management seemed very nice, but they didn't say how it'll affect past models. Does anyone know how this will benefit my 2011 11" MacBook Air in terms of battery life?

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