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Outlook 2007 has synced perfectly with my iPhone 4s for over a year but suddenly the calendar will not sync while contacts does. Microsoft says it is either the itunes (have uninstalled & reinstalled twice) or a problem with the pst file. Any solutions?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Most likely a corrupt record in the PST file. Using Outlook export your calendar, then reimport it. This will usually delete the corrupt record.

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    Unfortunately I tried that twice today also and it didn't work. I suspect you are correct in the problem based on all the research I have done and all that I have tried but that didn't fix it. I am still very open to suggestions as I really do not want to re-enter all the years of data I have in the calendar & archive.

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    Have you run scanpst.exe? That file is in the Microsoft Office folder. That does a scan of your Outlook.pst file and can help fix problems. Can you remember what you were doing when the problem began. Many times recurring appointments with open end dates can cause problems. Another thing that Outlook/Apple do not like too well are the way you set a reminder in an appointment. If you have an appointment with a reminder that is set to zero in Outlook, it can confuse the Apple calendar. Another thing to check is in iTunes, and that is resetting the sync history.


    Also, you should not have to re-enter years of data, since the iPhone by default only syncs the last 30 days worth of data. Your archive generally is just resident on the computer. Once data goes to archive, it is removed from the phone due to the time period.


    Try creating a new calendar in Outlook and put a couple of dummy appointments in it. Connect the iPhone to iTunes and set iTunes to sync all calendars. See if this new calendar syncs. If it does, you can import all of your old calendar data as Lawrence states to the new calendar and make that your default calendar by deleting the old one.


    See if any of these steps helps.

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    I have to admit I got pretty excited when I learned about the scanpst.exe tool as it found errors and fixed them but unfortunately it still does not sync. I also tried adding a new calendar but the enties on it do not show up on the iPhone either. Looks like I am back to square one but I have found many others that have the same problem and there is very little in the way of success so far from all I have read. Thanks and keep the suggestions coming.

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    , Can you help.  I am using an iphone 4s with IOS 8 and Outlook 2007.  I deleted the Data file in outlook to get it to refresh/update.  Well now the calendar on my iphone and in icloud in not syncing with my outlook.  Can you help?  THank you