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vhkim Level 1 (0 points)

Hey guys,


Hope someone can help?


I have a brand new Macbook Air which is able to connect to the internet for just a minute or two before suddenly it drops out. This is even though the signal still shows at full strength and all my other devices are still able to surf the net as per normal.


This device is straight out of the box so no 3rd party applications have been installed. I heard that the wifi has been upgraded to 802.11n on this machine, could that be an issue?


Do i need to return the machine or is there is a software fix for this problem?


Thanks heaps!



MacBook Air, iOS 6.1.4
  • Fred Braches Level 1 (10 points)

    I have the same problem with my 2013 MacBook Air 11 inches. Something I never had with my iPad, MacBook, iPod or iPhone. The connection drops and the MacBook fails to recognize  the signal even close-up. Restart is the only way around it. It does happen once or twice a day.

  • wifiguru Level 2 (240 points)

    What wireless router are you using ? And can you connect to any other wireless network or is this specific to just one network ?


    Launch Wireless Diagnostics ( Option click on WiFi Menu Extra and you will see this at the bottom) and under Window->Utilities in the menu item, go to the Performance Section. What do you see there for Quality,RSSI,Noise,TX Rate,Channel ? Paste that info. here and I can try to help.

  • Fred Braches Level 1 (10 points)

    Airport Extreme is my router. In general no problem at all with this the network for this MacBook or any of my other of my Apples. I have only one network here. The breakdown only happens occasionaly and I don't see myself sitting somewhere else for hours to see if it fails or not.

    I am not sure where to find Wireless Diagnostics as you suggested. Looked under system preferences > network. Could you tell me where to find it? Thanks fo trying to help.

    By the way, I want to add for everyone reading this: it is a grand little machine. The fastest kid on the block. Buy it.

  • wifiguru Level 2 (240 points)

    Option click on the Wi-FI Menu Extra icon on the FInder Bar at the top. At the very bottom, below all the wireless networks, you should see an option to launch Wireless Diagnostics.

  • Fred Braches Level 1 (10 points)

    Sorry. The only thing I see on the Finder top bar is the little "fan" for wifi and that does even remotely shows what you suggest I look at.

  • Fred Braches Level 1 (10 points)

    Hello Guru: I lost connection again. I managed to find Network Diagnosis under System preferences but that does not help me a bit when the the connection it lost. Solution: restart. Suggetsions? Or have you given up?

  • vhkim Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey wifiguru,


    This is the info i get from diagnostics:


    RSSI: -42 dbm

    Quality: Excellent

    Noise: -86 dbm

    Tx Rate: 48 Mbps

    Channel: 2


    The wireless router that i'm using is a Netgear 54mbps Wireless ASDL2.


    Unfortunutatly i'm not sure when i'll get a chance to test it on another wifi network though. Maybe on Sunday.


    Thank you so much!



  • wifiguru Level 2 (240 points)

    Hold down the Option Key and click on that WiFi Fan icon. At the very bottom of the list ( below all the scanned networks) you will see an option to launch Wireless Diagnostics.

  • wifiguru Level 2 (240 points)

    Have you cheked if your Netgear router has the latest firmware ? What model number is it ? Your RSSI,Noise, Tx rate etc. look good. One thing you could try is switch to a different channel, say channel 6 and give that a shot.


    Can you copy paste info. from your /var/log/system.log info around the time frame you see the drop ? I can take a look and see if it helps any.

  • Fred Braches Level 1 (10 points)

    Hello Guru! This time when the connection failed I did find and launch diagnostics as you showed me to do. Thanks. The message is: "Turn on Wi-Fi, join a network, and then choose "Continue" to run diagnostics." And that is just what I can't do: switch on the Wi-Fi. Restarted and everything is back to normal. Any other suggestions?


    Note: The Wi-Fi does not fail when I am on the net.

  • vhkim Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey guys,


    So i'm holding my breath but it looks like i've resolved the problem by changing the channel that my modem was transmitting on. Was on 2 but i bumped it up to 11 and things are looking good.


    Thanks for your help! 

  • Whonnockian Level 1 (0 points)

    The airport express I have here is an older model--say 5 years. Not the condensed newer one. Could that be the root of the problem?

  • Maliath Level 1 (0 points)

    Also having this issue on a brand new Macbook Air 13", changing the channel has not seemed to do anything. I am using an Asus RT-N16 with DD-WRT firmware. When it happens, every other computer or iOS device on the network is fine (including a 2007 Macbook Pro, a 2011 Macbook Pro, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S). Seems to be isolated to the new Macbook Air.

  • gmc74 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am in the exact same boat.  I just bought a 2013 13" i7 Air and it connects to my wifi no problem, and it never appears to disconnect but it stops communicating.  I disable wifi and enable it, and it is working again.


    I am running a Linksys 1100 with DD-WRT, and I have no issues with any other machines, including 2 AppleTVs, an iPad, 2x iPhone 4S, 2 Nest thermostats, 3 Windows laptops and a MacBook Pro.

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