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    I come back a week after my wifi problem. Ok it was on a mid 2011 model but it was the same issues. had a look at it,confirmed the problem in live (they couldn't connect to their AirPort Extreme) so they kept it to analyse it. They were ready to change the display module,airport card,Bluetooth module,... And guess what...they started with the display module and it fixed the issue.

    So yeah, rosember, they did the same to me last week and it worked. Since then,no connection loss or slow browsing.


    Who knows where it comes from...just for info, my problem just came up after the upgrade to 10.8.5, I was updating it while typing in word. I don't pretend that change the display module will fix everyone's problem but it's worth getting apple to try that (if they can do it for free).


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    Well, what you're telling guys may be very interesting. However, there is no evidence that there is at least one MID-2013 macbook air working. If there is someone on this forum with 2013-mid air and with 10.8.5 and who does NOT have any , for example, ping issue with any router, please let me know. Cause yet i can only see your cases which are 2011, and 2012 models, and if no 2013 model is working properly, how are they gonna change the faulty display or whatever it is if all of them are faulty? I don't know if i explained well what i wanted to say :S xD

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    Has any well-qualified, truly expert, Mac-savvy tech or tech group or tech publication -- one independent of Apple -- studied the connectivity issue in depth?

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    jaimehrubiks wrote:


    If there is someone on this forum with 2013-mid air and with 10.8.5 and who does NOT have any , for example, ping issue with any router, please let me know.

    Look for forum member Cloudi's posts, e.g. this one:

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    Help in understanding the impact of the MBA latency issue.  I have a new MBA that has not experienced any visable WIFI problems, disconnects or slow response.  However I can confirm the latency problem by pinging my own Airport Express (6th gen router).  When I ping from my wirelessly connected iMac (2010)  I see consistant ping times around 1.2 Ms.  From my new MBA I see a dozen ping times of 1.2 and then it jumps tp 150 then back to 1.2 for a dozen and then to 200.


    When I run Xfinitys speedtest from both machines I see identical results, ping time of 9 Ms and download times of 26.5 Mb.


    The question is,  what is the overall impact of the ping delays, how do I quantify it's effect.

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    Hi andQlimax!


    My MBA has worked with every router I've tried it with.  It has also worked with every type of security (or lack there of).


    I haven't kept an exact record, but I've probably topped over 50 now in three European countries.


    It's possible, but highly unlikely that chance has meant I've managed to avoid a particular flavour of router.


    I'm know that I have used several with a, c, g, n and ac at 2.4 and 5 MHz with and without certification of each of these protocols. I've previously listed the security protocols I've used - the only one I've not met being out of use anyway.


    The only problem I've had with my MBA was when the firmware moved on from ******22 with 'update1’. The rollback to 22 (firmware only) fixed that ( tested to local and intermediate intranet routers and to the internet - which is always and curiously better when pinged).


    On this evidence alone your comment about this being a router-based problem is optimistic at best and distracting at worst.


    Sorry to be so blunt, it's not personal. But with north of 200,000 views and 1600 replies in a short time (June), objectivity has it's benefits.

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    My experience is very similar to Cloudi's.  June 2013 MBA, .22 FW,  has worked perfectly with any number of home and external routers with one exception at a certain bar.  Did not work there a few weeks ago for me and for other varied mobile devices.  Went in yesterday, they had diddled with the router, my MBA works fine there now.


    For newbietech46 - also check out the numerous posts here by headcase, and experienced wirless network person, which in my opinion capture the situation very well.

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    Hi jaimehrubiks!


    You deserve a big "Thank-you" from us all! Over and above the call of duty!


    It's telling that this resource has been provided by one person's generosity and not by Apple.

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    "Whither 'new Macs, iMacs, and Macs Pro'"............

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    Hi jaimehrubiks,


    Having also read every post with care, I agree, there is no report of a perfect MBA here.


    Mine is nearly perfect, but to get decent and consistent local 'pings', I have to roll the Broadcom firmware back to *******22 (otherwise mine is an 'as is' setup with every update to date on a June 2013 13" MBA with i7, 250Gb SSD and 8Mb RAM).

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    Hi Cloudi,

    In details the router I have problem (random drop connection/reconnection) with, appear on the MBA ( and on other devices like smartphones)  as "WPA/WPA2 Personal". You can see that on your wifi advanced preferences, where you see the list of saved wifi networks.


    Does any of your routers you tried shows as "WPA/WPA2 Personal"? I think that's called mixed-mode.

    I'm not sure if that relevant..But could be something interesting to check.

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    Thanks Cloudi,





    On the one hand, knowing that yours is almost perfect, We can deduce that it might be hardware related too, so we might have the chance to get it repaired once they admit it. (It can also be that thing about the display or the haswell thing).


    SO, apart from being hardware problem (we're not sure, there are chances of that most routers cloudi tried were configured in a way that lasted most before disconnect, or were perfectly configured), it is A FACT that it is also related to SOFTWARE, so, provided that we get the working hardware, we'd need .22 driver, so we'll need some hope to asure that we'll be able to come back after maveriks upgrade.


    We can also (we hope) think about a future patch which manteins the pros of each driver, which technically, i don't understand why it is not already out.

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    Want to say thank you Cloudi for your significant contributions to this thread and your last post.  I'm so frustrated waiting to buy the darn thing.  So, friendly amplify on your blunt and accurate observation: the only variable we can be fairly sure is NOT the problem =  routers. With virtually all router(s) in question working with every other device except the MBA, it's defacto. 


    Your software vs. hardware analysis is spot on I need to chime in.  We know with 100% certainty  1.0 firmware upgrade had code that actually degraded WiFi performance.  We know we have 2 brand new chipsets rolling out simultaneously. We know another manufacturer (Sony) is having identical problems they haven't figured  out either.  We know drive rollback restored your MBA to previous good  status but did not help everyone. 


    All that said,  hardware vs. software question isn't answered yet.  We know with certainty  Apple enginers can handshake  the chipset(s) in question. What we don't know is whether they can code over a possible hardware issue.  Some Apple and Sony engineers are probably sleep deprived & frustrated. Probably a lot of finger pointing between Intel, Broadcom, Apple,  Sony, whoever makes the bluetooth chip,and the factories. These are flagship products.  This is exactly why  another WiFi tweak isn't in this week's 10.8.5 revision - they know they botched the 1.0 update, and obviously they don't want to do that again - and don't viable new code, yet.  That is all assuming coding is the only problem. 


    I think we won't know for sure until rollout of 10.9.  If the existing WiFi problem isn't retrofitted by 10.9, I think a percentage  of first new MBAs have a hardware flaw and those owners will have to insist on exchange under warranty.   Apple will quietly retool the assembly line hardware glitch. That hasn't happened yet either, because there are still BTOs rolling out with the problem this week.

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    Just got a MBA.  I started noticing wifi issues about a week ago....intermittent speeds, etc.  Though it was my ISP.  However, I can attest that it is the MBA.  I have a 3 year old Toshiba PC, an iPad 4 and this new MBA all sitting next to each other, on the same wifi network in my home.  Using Speedtest, I can see that the PC and the iPad can attain download speeds of about 30 mbps and uploads around 5 mbps.  The MBA, attains a speed of barely 2 mpbs and and upload of less than 1.  The three tests were conducted sequentially one right after the other, and were repeatable when I notice a problem with the MBA.  This problem seems to happen intermittently when I use the main network in my home, which is driven off a TC8305C cable modem through comcast.  I also have a repeater network in my home.  When I switch to the repeater network, I can get the speed of the MBA up to 15mpbs consistently. 

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    I would be perfectly happy if Apple switched my wifi board back to the original N series Broadcom chip that existed in 2012 Air's and earlier. I do not need AC standard wifi and my belief is that this is what is causing all of our issues.