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    Sounds it! The pings above 1ms, what do they go up to?


    Out of interest, what router is it?  Wondering also if maybe the driver has been updated on windows update recently as I returned mine a month or so ago.

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    andyman2 wrote:


    Sounds it! The pings above 1ms, what do they go up to?


    Out of interest, what router is it?  Wondering also if maybe the driver has been updated on windows update recently as I returned mine a month or so ago.

    Be interested to find out what router you're using as well ...

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    Thanks for this.  Looks great.  Wondering why Windows seems to be ok whereas it wasn't for a lot of us originally.  Unfortunately I returned my MBA so cannot test.  Wondering whether to re-order!

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    What windows version you running?

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    That was 8

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    Is there evidence that Broadcom chip drops into power saving mode "a bit too quickly when traffic is low, and then can't pick up again quickly enough to keep up the with the traffic"?

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    Hey there, I'm experiencing the same issues, drops, reconnect problems and speed quality and drop out on Airplay as everyone is also - I have my old Macbook Pro 2009 model sitting next to the Macbook Air 2013 without any issues on the same Airport express and other infrastructure Access Points - I also installed the latest Update for OSX 10.8.5 - no resolution - firmware update - no resolution.


    Dear Apple Employee reading this thread - please let your Engineering team know to bring out some fixes

    for the MBA 2013.



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    the dropping into power save mode is just a thought from the evidence we see.  Without Apple issuing a statement, it's all just suppositions though.

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    I know Apple is a black box with proprietary information but surely there must be someone, somewhere with enough expertise to break the machine down and identify the source of the wi-fi problem.

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    Following the idea from Anorax1  finally I have a stable wireless connection with a cheap external mini-usb adapter (TEW-648UB) after many months of grief.

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    I think you guys may be in for a shock about Apple ever fixing these. I have the last generation Air (pre-Haswell) and there was a long thread even BACK THEN about a group of Air owners that could not get the wi-fi to work. I bought one anyways and got lucky but guess what happened for the people with wi-fi problems?


    Apple never fixed the problem for these people.  Just didn't happen.

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    well, I can only speak to the experience of the infamous 'video glitching' the Macbook Pro had with OSX 10.6 and that was fixed by a software update to 10.7.x eventually, so crossing my fingers for apple to do whats right and bring out Mavericks with a fix for the new macbook airs 2013.. i mean seriously, this is the flagship laptop at the moment with the haswell chip, why would they not deal with it on a new operating system?


    Apple do whats right - Please!

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    I have bought an Air 13 mid13 2 weeks ago, and I confirm this wifi problem. Often I cannot connect at work where everybody connect their laptop or phone.

    I reboot, but it doesn't work.

    But, the strange is that also with Ethernet through USB adapter give me this problem!!!


    I don't know if it could be a compatibility problem, because I remember a list of ADSL Modem that was not compatible with Macbook 2007, WIFI or Ethernet at the same time!!!!


    I cannot accept to spend 1500Euros for this mac issue!!!!


    Apple DO WHATS RIGHT!!! And ASAP!!!

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    I have a mid-2013 MBA.  I have experienced the erratic ping, sluggish download and occasional freezes.  I bought the Iogear GWU625 based on comments here, and started using it via a 2 foot long USB cord.  The problem cleared up:  before using IOGEAR i was getting 2-8 mpbs, after installing IOGEAR I was routinely getting 35-40 mbps.  My service from Comcast is the 12 mpbs service (highest available in my area).  I use OOKLA speedtest to get my stats:  unlike a lot of people here, I am more interested in download speed than in ping or upload speed.  But I noticed something funny:  If I moved my IOGEAR by 2 feet, it fell to about 5 mbps.  Move it 2 feet back (closer to the location of the AP) it regained 35-40.  So I tried it with my MBA.  Move it 2 feet closer to my AP, then it got 35-40.  Move it back to its original position on my desk, it went back to 5-8 mpbs.  This was repeatable.  Consistently so.  I came away from this experiment feeling that while IOGEAR had a slight advantage on the built-in MBA wifi, it was much more a function of distance - and then distance was not a linear function:  Going from 8 feet away from my AP (with no walls) to 20 feet away (with 2 walls inbetween) caused almost no degradation on either IOGEAR of MBA built-in.  Going 2 extra feet from 20 to 22 (with 2 walls inbetween) caused a severe degradation.  My experience suggests there is a point at which the wifi degradation just falls right off the cliff, so to speak.  I have installed a wifi repeater much closer to the MBA.  It maintains a constant ping and download speed, but at significantly less speed than going through the primary AP.  That's to be expected with repeaters:  they slow things down.  So as far as I'm concerned, the issue is distance (and walls).