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    See my reply October 24, 1.29am

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    JCC123 wrote:


    There are litterally millions of current gen MacBook Airs out there and with the exception of a few of you, all of us have now perfectly operating wifi after the Mavericks update.


    I know that sometimes it's difficult to accept that you're the person who unfortunately got stuck with a lemon, but that happens, even with Apple products. So, instead of wasting time trying to solve Apple's problems just go get it swapped out and start enjoying a great product. We all have better things to do than to act as Apple engineers.


    Just a couple of observations:


    1 several people in this huge thread have indeed had their MBA replaced, but the problem persists even then. So replacement doesn't equal cure for those people.


    2 have you, JCC123, got direct experience of using your MBA "on the road". In other words: have you used your MBA at numerous locations (such as conference centres, hotels etc)?


    If so, did your MBA connect unfailingly to that location's wireless network, and open sites successfully?


    3 if you have used your MBA only at home, where it works nicely, you really have no idea whatsoever whether or not you too have "a lemon". For all you know, yours too may fail to connect when you're in a conference centre, or university, or hotel conference room. So, have you got any "on the road" experience?


    4 My MBA works beautfully at home. (My apologies to the many others in this thread whose MBA doesn't work at their home. I really feel for you.) In my case, it's when I'm at an external location with its own router/wireless setup that my MBA has failed.


    So far, in its short life, my MBA has been used wirelessly at 7 external locations (four universities and three conference centres/conference hotels). It failed to open web sites successfully at one university and two conference centres. So that's a 42% failure rate "on the road". Put another way, it's failed with 42% of someone else's router/wireless/network set up.


    I've spoken to Apple Support at length. All three techs said that it was NOT a known issue, and Apple had NO knowledge of any such problem.

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    Why not trying to inform the press about this issue and more precisely about this discution with more than 250 000 views !!!
    I think this is the only way to make Apple react.

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    John Potts are you telling that mavericks did not help at all?, or haven't you tested again yet outside?

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    @ John Pots : I had so far 100% success rate at connecting "on the road". I connected to around 10 routers with different types of security and none of them gave me any trouble. However, I experience the ping latency issue even after Mavericks update.

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    I just tried a couple of public WiFi hotspots (with no security), and the MBA (with Mavericks) connected to some of them, but not all. On the other hand, neither my iPad nor my iPhone could connect to those either.


    I'll make a point of taking the MBA with me "everywhere" just to test the WiFi connectivity.





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    jaimehrubiks wrote:


    John Potts are you telling that mavericks did not help at all?, or haven't you tested again yet outside?


    I installed Mavericks only yesterday, so I have tested it on only one external wireless network to date (today), and it connected fine.

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    It ALWAYS connect fine.


    The issue is connectivity drop after a while..and happen randomly..sometimes does not happen for hours.


    Just to clarify the issue

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    I have the same issue.  I lost the wifi connection sometime, wihtout any reson. In the same place my iphone keep the signal but not my MBA 13.


    Sometime, It's hapen after a standby time of the labtop but not only.

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    The wifi driver rollback works in Mavericks (I tested by installing Mavericks on a flash drive).  Mavericks bad ping latency --> rollback to .22 --> pings good again.

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    I have the same problem on my mac mini since upgrading.


    All my other iphones, ipads, and macbooks are connected to the network and have normal download speed - the mini will suddenly drop to 0.001mb/s up to about 3kbs and will stay like that, despite having full wifi signal.


    Chrome and safari will not be able to download pages; but will not report connectivity issues.


    I had no such problems with 10.8.


    I have noted that having my usb3 hard drive plugged in most certainly exasperated the problem. It's barely occured since I switched the drive off.


    I also found that I could ping just fine during "connection dropouts" and also curl with a reasonable speed.


    I also noted lots of log statements like these:


    26/10/2013 01:22:31.245 Google Chrome Helper[5678]: Process unable to create connection because the sandbox denied the right to lookup and so this process cannot talk to launchservicesd. : LSXPCClient.cp #426 ___ZN26LSClientToServerConnection21setupServerConnectionEiPK14__CFDictionary_bl ock_invoke()




    26/10/2013 01:09:35.367 ocspd[5606]: tcp_connection_handle_destination_prepare_complete 5 failed to connect


    I've had nothing but crap with the wifi with my mini - I was on the phone to apple today - no advice on how to fix it.


    I'll keep you posted if switching off my usb3 (which is a totally whack solution, clearly) keeps the connectivity issue at bay.

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    and to make totally sure - drive off, left my computer downloading allnight - downloaded everything - internet normal this morning.


    turned my drive on for 2 minutes : wifi speed was 0.001mbs again..


    for me it looks like it's the drive. I'll see if I can reposition it and get back with more info..


    so weird that this interference didn't effect it at all on 10.8

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    @ Dougsplace:


    I returned two MacBook Airs and finally gave up on them. Yesterday I went and bought the new MacBook Pro 13" model. This connects to wi-fi but has a new problem.


    Refer to this thread:


    The system freezes and you have to restart the whole system! To me, I use my laptop for basic browsing and I don't have to lose anything if I had to restart. So I'm hoping that apple would fix it with a software update. Just thought I'll let you know as you were looking to upgrade your system.


    Annoying as **** and I'm losing faith.

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    I share your pain. I've been struggling with this since purchasing my MBA mid-september. The problem ONLY occurs on my home router - everywhere else has been pretty rock solid.


    Fortunately I have found what seems to be a reliable workaround. I purchased this little thing:

  f=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1382842194&sr=8-1&keywords=Airlink101+AWLL6086+300N+Wireles s+USB+Adapter


    As per the advice of their tech support, I installed the 10.6 drivers on my recently upgraded 10.9 machine. The instructions are here:



    After installing, a new app called "Wireless Network Utility" will appear in Launchpad. Kill your wifi connection, fire up this app, and connect to your router by providing the password. So far, its been rock solid.


    Although its an annoyance to have to use this at home until Apple acknowledges the issue and comes up with a real fix, I'm really relieved.


    Thanks, all the best.

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    Ok..I tested the router that usually give me problems with the MBA 2013, and guess..with mavericks nothing has changed. The problem is still there.


    What i'm noticing lately, with or without mavericks, is that if my MBA is plugged to the charger the connectivity drops are much frequently, yesterday without charger I didn't noticed any connectivity drop, but only slowdown at somepoint.


    It seems that when the charger is plugged in (or battery nearly full) there are connectivity drops. Same if I reboot with the charger plugged in. If I unplug the charger and then reboot, I don't have drops. I don't see any reason for that, but it's a reproducible fact for me.


    Anyone noticed the same?