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    what wireless router are you using ?

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    I had this problem both with a Motorola SBG6580  Wi-Fi Cable Modem, and with another one that I do not know because it is operated by the university.


    An apple technitians pointed out to me that the noise to signal ratio is high according to one of my wifi-diagnostics results. This might be the cause of wifi drops at least sometime, and I can imagine that the bluetooth makes it even worse. But it does not happen all the time.

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    And does someone tried with OS X 10.9.1 beta ?

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    agreed. I found out about this problem because my ssh connections have been terrible this whole time since buying my MBA. ping times are all over the place. Comparison:


    Raspberry PI running Ubuntu and is 5x farther away from access point (brand new Airport Express) than my MBA as well as being in a closet:


    --- ping statistics ---

    40 packets transmitted, 40 received, 0% packet loss, time 39057ms

    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 36.715/40.090/57.343/3.411 ms


    My MBA 3 feet away from my brand new Airport Express:


    --- ping statistics ---

    71 packets transmitted, 71 packets received, 0.0% packet loss

    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 33.232/100.686/306.457/60.611 ms


    standard deviation of 60 ms???! Dude wth?



    Card Type:          AirPort Extreme  (0x14E4, 0x117)

      Firmware Version:          Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

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    additional info...


    i have a Chromecast connected to a TV which i stream netlix/hulu+ from a Dell Vostro 17" running Win 7 Pro. 


    when the MacBook is powered up and on the LAN, the cxn between the Dell and the Chromecast will disconnect and i will have to reload everything but at that point everything is waiting for timeouts all around and it takes a while for everything to load back up.


    i'm of the opinion that the macbook is flooding the LAN with packets which is affecting its own functionality/performance as well as those of other devices on the LAN.


    really really ridiculous that this thread is 127 pages with no solution.


    do you know how much marketers would pay to get a 127 page thread on any subject ?!


    oh also i actually did a fresh install of mavericks and the problem remained.


    in the two months i've owned the macbook, the computer has hard crashed on me twice without warning, just kaboom it's rebooting like a motorcycle highside out of the blue.  the macbook simply will not bluetooth pair with my iphone 5 (non-s).  iphone has not had any problem pairing to car radio, andriod tablet, etc., only problem is with macbook.  no biggie since i don't really need that functionality at this point, but seems pretty odd that a brand new macbook air can't pair with a relatively new iphone ?


    -posting this from my dell/win 7 pooter

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    This site has a bunch of different suggestion:


    Turning off the bluetooth worked for me... but at the cost of nothing being able to use my magic mouse.

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    hey guys,


    i'm out.


    after using windows from windows 3.1 all the way to windows 7, i gave OSX a try.


    hardware is real nice.  software is a joke.


    is this forum really the "official" way we are supposed to get support from apple?


    anyway, i'm returning the macbook air and going back to windows.


    no wifi problems, no bluetooth problems... Windows... It just works !!!

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    ive have the mid 2013 mba since it came out, and only lately (maybe after upgrading to mavericks) have i seen poor wifi performance. At work i get random drops and loss of connectivity. Whenever my screen goes to sleep it drops the wifi connection.


    Has anyone tried to exchange one more than 30 days old for this issue? I was thinking about trying to do the exchange and see if it helps.

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    I ran the ping and that fixes my problem. This is insane.

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    roeshamboe, you can just install Windows on the MacBook Air using Bootcamp then your problems with the mac freezing are over. But hey it shouldn't be that way

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    I am on my 3rd replacement Haswell MBA...has been dropping regularly since purchased and no real fix was ever offered...we`ve tried everything that can be done other than difference...has all levels of support involved...still no fix and no resolution ...and now when I call support I get low level lame techs and no offer to go any they are blowing me off

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    Chisleu wrote:


    I ran the ping and that fixes my problem. This is insane.

    Running wifi diagnostics also fixes the problem, which is also maddening, since it makes diagnostics hard when there is nothing to diagnose by the time you finish diagnosing.

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    I have two macbook air 2013 13 inches (one i7 and one i5). i7 has the problem with the connectivity. It drops the connection everytime from sleep.


    The other one works perfectly.


    We have tried two different routers, same problem.


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    Hi all,

    I went today for the first time to the Genius Bar. No results. They run checks and said that they really didn't had much else to do than to scalate the case to the engineers and that they will contact me again in the next couple of days.

    I am tired of this issue also and seriously considering to shift back to windows too.


    Those that have been able to have replacements in the store after the first 15 day period have any recomendations of how to address the geniuses at the bar to have a replacement to?



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    If you take it in enough times even after the first 15 days they almost always will give you a store credit. The best solution is to switch to a macbook pro. You won't see any of these issues on the pro line.