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    Ok i replaced the wifi driver using the one in the 10.9.2 beta 3 (it should be come to final soon probably, so wait it)

    Seems disconnection problems are really solved. Also lags while browsing are gone, even sometimes once on a while there are still, even if rarely.


    Seems good after a day with the new driver. Will report if there are problems again.

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    well I have this connectivity issues also. it disconnects and when I try to reconnect any of my wireless routers I have to try at least 5-10 minutes. my iphone 5 or ipad 4 wont have this issue. Can you solve this issue my dear apple (: it is really annoying... thank you.

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    I have 3 MacBook Pros used by my wife and kids and just got a new Air last week. I bought the Air for doing work emails on the road. To my surprise the first thing I noticed was the wifi problem. None of my 3 other Macs is affected so it is not my router or anything. The MacBook Air is useless to me if the connection is unreliable. I have another week to decide if I should return it with a 15% restocking fee. It is good news if there is a fix but this is frustrating. I need a notebook to do emails and simple docs while on the road. I am only starting researching this but seems the problem already existed before Mavericks. If a new OS didn't solve then why would the next upgrade?

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    I've tried all the attempted fixes and none of it seems to work for me, including 10.9.2 beta 3 (both just the driver and an complete update to the beta). 2013 MBA 13" with

    Card Type:          AirPort Extreme  (0x14E4, 0x117)

    Firmware Version:          Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (


    I have no problems hooking into a new Airport Extreme 2013 or tethered through my iPhone 5s and iPad.


    It's the connection at work (802.11b/g with WPA2) where it drops me randomly and cannot reconnect without a long time out.


    Aggravating, since I am supposed to be taking this laptop with me to Africa for nearly 3 weeks. I hope it doesn't act like this for all the legacy connections.


    I will try the ping workaround next to see if this can keep the connection alive for now.

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    I understand the frustration razerx and many other people must be in the same situation. I certainly was. I live in a country of very poor connections and poor wifi modems.


    I finally decided to buy a new MacBook Air in spite of the problems and sure enough I had serious problems. A USB adaptor was a partial solution but still gave me problems. Wifi dropped out continuously and when it tried to reconnect it coudln't.


    I have loaded the new family kext from the new beta relase of Mavericks and my wifi is now working very well. I travel to all sorts of remote places but still manage to connect. ftp is much faster than on my previous MacBook Air.


    This is an excellent computer but the wifi problem must be doing enormous harm to Apple's reputation. In a world of cloud computing and online software and music sales poor wifi is the kiss of death to any computer. It seems strange to me that Apple are not getting this new fix out there as soon as they can.


    Perhaps they have become so large that they are losing their ability to stay organised and focussed.

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    I am trying to find the new beta 3 kext for wifi. Anyone has tips?

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    The workaround seems to have cured my disconnects. One thing was that the ping of 200ms to lasted for about 45 minutes before it failed, which is about 40 minutes longer than any successful connection I've had so far.


    So I increased the ping rate to 100ms and used a server on my own network to ping. This seems to have been an adequate work around for now, and running 10.9.2 beta 3.



    ping -i 0.1 > /dev/null

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    I still had some wifi drops too with 10.9.2 beta 3 driver.

    I don't know what to think..Apple come on.

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    Hi guys,


    I made this small app to resolve the variable ping issue.


    It basically does the workaround that is mentioned in this thread, but it's packed up nicely and does some other things to make sure you don't hose your computer.



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    ...and I'm back once again. The pinging results in Terminal aren't guaranteed to keep my connection from getting hosed, unfortunately.


    I had two different terminal sessions pinging two different machines at the same time and it would still drop. What was interesting was that one of the sessions I didn't pipe to /dev/null so I could see that the pings would just go off into nowhere for stretches at a time, about 1-2 seconds and then restablish for a second, cycling through that until it ultimately failed.


    This is a 2013 MacBook Air with i7/8GB/512, running with bluetooth off and powernap off. SMC and PRAM have been reset. A new user account was created as well, and updated to 10.9.2 beta 3 (13c44).


    Changing to a static IP does not seem to help. After losing internet access, the airport symbol is still on and the system still believes it is connected. Disconnecting and reconnecting appear to work but in reality no internet connection functions. Reconnecting and trying the internet will sometimes show the airport logo to disconnect with an exclamation mark, but a reconnection attempt appears to succeed without any working network.


    The only solution is to wait around 5-10 minutes and try again, or shut down the machine and reboot it to try again.


    The connection that I know is problematic is a 802.11 b/g station running DD-WRT with a WPA password.

    Open hotspots and Apple wifi products (Airport Extreme AC) don't seem to be affected.


    I was going to head to the Apple store to get a 13" Macbook Pro Retina as a replacement but it appears those are affected as well? Makes me wish I didn't give away my MBA 2011.

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    I've updated the fix:


    Now it also works with OS X 10.8


    (Note: This prevents your Wifi adapter from entering sleep mode.)



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    I am currently using Time Capsule (dual antenna 802,11n) and the drop off issue is still there. Your observation on Apple equipment is not correct.

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    That's unfortunate that the Time Capsule drops off, I don't own that device, but I didn't seem to have any issues using wifi from my 2013 MBA to my Airport Extreme Base Station. I gave my .N Extreme Base Station to my sister and I don't recall any drop offs at her house, but I haven't been there often. Also no problems using Personal Hotspot to my iPhone 5s, iPad Air LTE.


    I would have thought that Apple had verified their wireless gear with their own base station equipment at a minimum.


    NoxDiurna, have you tried changing some of the options in your Time Capsule's wifi configuration? I'm not sure what options it supports, but perhaps changing some of the settings will prevent the drop offs?

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    I resolved my wifi issue, after 6 months, on MBA 11'' mid 2011, which was, always having signal but the speed was like using on a bad conenction day via dial up on a 28k modem.  I tried everything, upgrading, downgradin, erasing and etc....

    Finaly, I figured, let's open the ******* and unplug and re plug the BT/WIFI chip...

    Opened it and saw one of the connectors unpluged, just popo it back into place and its flying...