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    It could well be also the Haswel issue but similary like tonywong I have no wifi problems at home with this new router and constant problems in another environment. Noshybabs, perhaps your 6 different routers just happend to be wrong kinds of routers, or perhaps there are some settings that do not work. Anyway you are totally right that things shouldn't be like this and apple should fix this annoying problem.

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    I've got a mid-2013 MacBook Air that had no Wi-Fi Connectivity problems until recently.  I'm on Mavericks 10.9.2.
    My issues now is that whenever I start my MBA it really struggles to connect to Wi-Fi - generally I turn off & turn on Wi-Fi manually & this sorts it.  But I do have Bluetooth turned on by default as I use an external Apple Trackpad. 
    So following ths thread, I've turned off Bluetooth & restarted.  Miraculously Wi-Fi now connects up instantly.
    A pain that Bluetooth has a bug but thahks guys, Wi-Fi connectivity much more important.

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    Same problem here.


    Macbook Air 2013 and latest AirPort Express.

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    If you are among the many people that have problems connecting to wireless when bluetooth is on, try this Wireless Fix app...

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    This is so sad, I have about 12 new users that have been complaining about the wireless (5ghz) about 2 weeks ago I go a new mac and am having the same issues.  Apple says they are woking on the issue

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    Same problem, MacAir mid 2013, Maverics, intermittent disconnects, VPN does not work (I had to add TunnelBlick). My previous Air had no problems whatsoever, this one the WiFi is bad-bad-bad

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    Another one to add. Mid 2013 MBA 11, lastest Maverick. Tried all the fixes, nothing. Went to the genius bar today, obviously the wifi worked fine, so they just did a complete reinstall. Diagnostic check said everything was fine. When I mentioned this thread I got a complete poker face! They said they'd swap hardware if it persists.


    Get home, all good for an hour, then drops. So will be booking in another appointment asap.

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    :/ -- Seems some "Genius Bar" techs know about the problem and some don't. Even in the same apple store. One of my co-workers took his in and they swapped the HW, but it didn't help.


    Guess we are all waiting for a fix from apple. I treid several of the fixes, but no joy.


    Good luck and let us know if it helps to swap the HW!

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    So I tried unclicking everything in Energy Saver settings. This worked for about 48 hrs, then the problems started again.

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    My connection drops ALWAYS the first few minutes after turning on the mac. ALWAYS. Then I reconnect and not drop more.


    My router had it's channel mode by default set to "11bgn mixed". Changing it to 11g only immediately fixed the connectivity issues. Hmm. WHY?? Don`t know...


    The Tetring iphone still drops ... I can solve this problem only in my house, because i can `t change the configurations in other locals ....

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    So..I will wait 10.9.3, if nothing will change as I expect, I will buy this:



    I need a reliable solution. thanks apple.

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    So here's the latest - I've got to say Apple Support has been dismal.

    As  I posted earlier my MBA has been sent in 3x, still not fixed, still constantly dropping wifi while all other machines run smoothly.  This happens at home and in other wifi areas.  This has been going on since i bought the machine in July.

    I rec'd an email from the Apple person who has been "working" ont he issue, a senior account representative who assured me 6 months ago she would be "the last person you will have to talk to I will get this resolved".  Well, her email on Friday indicated she is closing my account because there is nothing more they can do.


    So apparently I am stuck with an 1800 dollar dysfuncaitonal laptop because Apple is not interested in making good on this.  It's not feasible to go to a genius bar as the closest is 400 miles away.  I am just shocked at how poorly this whole thing has been handled. 


    Anyone have a name/contact info for anyone higher up at Apple?
    I've asked my (now former) senior Apple accout rep for the name and contact info of her supervisor and she will not provide it.  I have all of the emails archived. 

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    I can confirm (or reconfirm, who remembers after 137 pages of forum posts)

    that a cheap <$10 USB Wi-Fi adapter is a reliable alternative to the built in Wi-Fi.

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    hunberry - can you give me a link of what you are referring to? 

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    I fixed my connectivity problem completely with Sr. acct rep by turning off the Blue Tooth.  While this isn't a true fix if you use bluetooth, it has worked now for 2 months without "any" drops.  Prior to this fix, it was dropping every minute or two.  They said 10.9.3 was going to have a "fix" for this, but I've not seen that yet and it was "due out" end of March according to representative.  See my earlier two posts on this subject line.