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    unfortunately my Bluetooth has never been on so that fix won't work. 

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    I have a mid 2013 MacBook air 13". After 4 months of use the wifi  crashed. Even browsing is a huge challange, very often pages don't load because of timeout. Nothing I tried help. Better if i don't say how annoyed i am. I have no problem with other laptops, appliances, all run smoothly, also the HD video streaming runs well.

    I had to go back to  my 3 year old Dell for using the internet!!!

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    I really feel for everyone who has this issue. It was so very frustrating and disappointing when it was happening to me on my brand new MacBook Air. Fortunately I was able to resolve it by turning off Bluetooth and dragging the plist file to the trash. Make sure you trash the plist file even if you don't have Bluetooth on. That was key for me. Keep Bluetooth off until they fix it! I can recreate the problem almost instantly just by turning Bluetooth back on.  This is not a good permanent solution but might save you some grey hairs for now. Best wishes everyone.

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    mbaissues: This 10 years old usb wifi adapter is what I use sometimes. I am sure there are newer and better ones.


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    is absurd that this issue persists..come on apple..


    if a new macbooki air will be launched in next months, and this issue still persists, apple must exchange our defecteve MBA 2013, with a hopefully working MBA 2014

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    @ andQlimax: Keep dreaming.

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    This post has nearly 140 pages long. Does Apple come on here and say sorry we are fixing it?

    Apple should get sued. They take people's money and then don't care.


    My current issues are wifi takes ages to connect after sleep have to turn wifi on an off several times

    And the other is can't get a cable to display at 2560x1080 on lg monitor. (Stupid mini display port)


    I don't want to go over to windows as been using apple for 10 years. And don't want the viruses and problems things not working.


    I used to buy apple coz things just work now these days they don't

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    an other problem i often have is that, when i connect my mba to the wifi, sometimes the net slowdown to 80% lower to all devices connected to the wifi, after that i have to reboot the modem-router..this only happen with the mac


    searching on net, lot of people have this issue, mac slowdown entire network..someting really wrong that i can't understand

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    WOW! almost half million view and 2000 reply to this post! I guess Macbook air wifi really have problems! I am thinking to buy it but....scared now!

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    yeah it happen with my iphone too. when I wake up my iphone the the PC connected to the same network internet speed become very low. hmm

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    Do not let this long thread frighten you, there is a very large majority that have no connectivity problems.  i am not sure how many 2013 MBAs have been sold but the represents a small minority.  Do not forget that you have 14 days to return the MBA for a full refund.

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    I cannot disclose how I know this, but did any of you stop to think the "issues" you believe you're experiencing (including low ping rates, etc) are, in fact, an INTENTIONAL design for purposes of battery power?  Just a thought....I agree with KlaatuBarada..DO NOT LET THIS THREAD SCARE YOU!  These Airs are fantastic machines - I personally have two of them.  Any WiFi issues were corrected with updates to which this thread responded by glomming onto the theory that the updates corrected the connectivity issues but created another problem - significantly slowed ping rates.  HOWEVER, I must direct you to the first sentence of this response to that regard.  In short - there's nothing wrong with these machines and I have had a great experience with both of mine.  Best of luck!

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    Hmm, I am running 10.9.2 and still have constant disconnects. We have about 15 MBP and MBA all purchased since 11/2013 and all have this issue. I have gone to the Genis Bar and opened a ticket with apple. Still waiting for a solution. I have this issue at work, at home and at hot spots.  On power adapter and power from tunderbolt displays. All our prio purchased mbp/mba's don't exhibit this behavior.


    Best of luck is right!

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    Agreed. Since only Apple really knows the percentage of people having this (these) issue(s), everyone's story is anecdotal, but obviously given the amount of views and posts in this thread, there are enough people affected by flaky wifi issues that Apple should do something about it.


    The biggest problem in addressing this issue is that there does not seem to be a consensus on what the issue is specifically and if there is more than one issue. Without knowing *what* is causing the issue it will be extremely difficult for Apple to replicate the problem and solve it.


    One thing that can be tried is that Apple has opened up beta software access for the public, if they want to try to fix things. Of course beta is like fight club, so discussion about beta solutions for this problem shouldn't be discussed.



    However, my fight club experience has been that I've been beaten up without a win yet. Maybe tonight will be a winning night...

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    @Garryatcocant send them to Apple to fix all the 15 machines? isnt the warranty cover that?