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  • Iron Flatline Level 1 Level 1

    This *****. I've read everything here, and a bunch of other sites. I am an artist, I'm not technical, and I find a lot of what is discussed here quite daunting. What I know...


    I have five MacBooks running in my house, and six iPads (as well as iPhones and whatever other Wi-Fi connected devices are in the house.) 


    One of my three sons got a MacBook Air yesterday, no different than two other ones I am running. I get Wi-Fi for about sixty seconds, and then it goes away (but shows that it is connected.) After a little while it works again, and then it doesn't again. Maybe five page clicks, then it seems like it dies in the middle of opening a page.


    I've made some of the various suggested changes, but haven't tried to download and reinstall the OS.


    This *****, like I said. And I'm in Berlin, and the new MacStore "Genius" bar is not staffed with Geniuses.

  • JamesMalysz Level 1 Level 1



    I have logged my call in the UK - twice. Here's what has happened:


    1st: They had me set up a new Wifi profile (Home) instead of Automatic and set it to the router.

         This lasted around 10 minutes longer, but same problem prevaled.


    2nd: Colleague reviewed and conferred with other colleagues for 10 minutes who decided the channel on my router needed to be changed and this means contacting my ISP.

         Not doing that.


    Having found that I can keep the internet stable through keeping Wifi diagnostics on in the background is a temporary fix. If Apple don't release an update within a week, I'll take it back.


    BTW for those not aware - Wifi diagnostics are in System Preferences -> Network -> Wifi -> Assist Me -> Diagnostics. The final window will pop up exclusively of the main filepath. Minimise into the dock and leave it there. That should resolve it, as it has done for mine for the last 5 hours. Not ideal, but a sticky plaster until Apple can get their act together. It would look fairly clear to me, though I am by no means technical that the diagnostic program is keeping the connection alive, and perhaps to save battery or power or something it is cutting the connection when it is not monitoring it...

  • M. R. Level 2 Level 2

    It's disappointing that Apple has not officially acknowledged this issue.

    guys, leave a feedback here for Apple:

  • JamesMalysz Level 1 Level 1

    Ignore that.


    It lasts about an hour that way. It's just dropped out again.


    I'm taking it back tomorrow.

  • Iron Flatline Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I bought mine yesterday, I spent several hours trying to deal with this (most of which was spent reading this and other threads). It's Saturday here, so and hour ago I ran to the store, and they exchanged it. The new one is working fine.


    No idea, but obviously something is hinky. Apple Store exchanged it with a friendly smile, so they're back in my good graces... but that was NOT the out-of-box experience I've come to love from Apple.


    Onward, now to deal with MineCraft for the boys...

  • Suvichak Level 1 Level 1

    I also have this problem

    but my system is


    Macbook Air late 2010


    This problem are occored not often, so I thought it may router bug or somethings else.

    But after seeing this thread i think i would like to have some fix from apple.



    if I get wifi drop again I will post a log.

  • wifiguru Level 2 Level 2

    Your router webpage should have a status page or something where it tells you about the firmwre version etc. Just looking at the backside of the router will tell you its make/model.

  • wifiguru Level 2 Level 2

    What security are you using ? WPA2 or WPA ? Check if you can upgrade to WPA2 Personal (AES) and the issue reoccurs. Use the new Wireless Diagnostics in 10.8.4 and it should analyse your network and give you some things to try to resolve the issue.

  • samtenor Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all. I had exactly the same issues as soon as I got my MacBook air. I try to connect to my school Wi-Fi - I spent 1 hour on the phone with Apple Care.  I was instructed if I spent $99.99 that "THEY" will try to help me out to set the the Wifi.

    It did not sit well with me.  I am not a computer Guru but I have been setting up my own network for years.

    I told them, all other devices can get on the internet but this new 2013 MBA.


    Obviously, it did not go anywhere and I refused to pay the $99.99.


    I came home and found I had very little trouble to get on my own network.


    Since I have a few wireless router/AP floating around (they were not in used at all), so I tried to figure out what might be the issues.


    First - the security - I found the WPA2 (personal) with AES will work.

    BUT NOT WPA-TKIP (that was the set up in my school)


    I also tried the auto channel or any fixed channel (did not make any difference as long as it is WPA2-AES)


    I used D-link (N standard) and Netgear (N standard) - both demonstrated the same success.

    of course, they were set up as DHCP.  I had no luck if I assigned the MAC address filter.


    what I did was - I reset all the router, started from the scratch and I had no issues.


    I brought my own router next day and placed in my office.  Every machine was happy, even I did not broadcast the SSID (mainly for security).  All the machines run like a charm.


    Have not tried on G standard yet.


    will bring my laptop to different places to see if any issue might occur.



  • cpickrell Level 2 Level 2



    Apple does not charge $99 for support. If you used Google to find the number, you may have reached a third party company.


    For Apple support go here to set up a call:



    Click get started. It will ask some questions and will offer you the option to have Apple call you.

  • Anzandul Level 1 Level 1

    I've exchanged for a 2nd MBA from the store after my previous one had the same issues, but no luck. To those who have exchanged theirs, are yours still working perfectly? I want to know if this is a hardware or software issue so I know whether to return it or not.


    Personally, I've noticed that I lose my connection faster when I download large files, or when large volumes of data needs to be transfered over the network. Opening videos in Youtube is one example. Usually surfing the web gives me no problems with Diagnostics left minimized. What about everyone else?

  • M. R. Level 2 Level 2

    Return the first one but 2nd one has same wifi issues.

  • wsm0603 Level 1 Level 1

    It would be helpful if you have an issue to post:


    Year/configuration of Air

    Brand/model of router you are using

    Type of Wifi setting you are using (i.e. b/g/n mixed, g only, n only, 2.4/5 ghz mixed, 2.4 only, 5ghz only)

    encryption setting you are using --some routers don't allow you to choose this.


    Its reported the Airs are working fine with the new Airport routers, so I would guess it it s firmware issue. If it is, compatible routers could be discovered if we knew which ones are working and which ones are causing problems.


    This is a support forum, not just a complaint forum. There are alot of smart people in here. if basic clues are provided, maybe the problem/solution can be discovered.

  • gmc74 Level 1 Level 1

    I think posting all the info is great, but I would call Apple support.  Posting on here is great, but contacting support let's them know exactly how many people are having issues.  If you just post here, you will just get ideas from the rest of us, that are posting here. 


    A handful of people will act like experts, and another segment will tell you all the reasons it is you and not the Mac.  Contact support and go fro there.

  • samtenor Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I made the call direct to Apple Care.  My "Apple Care" was only covered "hardware" portion - which I was not amused at all.

    While I tried to figure out what was the possible issues - The representative insisted it is NOT HARDWARE issues - now I looked back, apparently, they were aware of what I was experiencing.


    I had to be charged 99 dollars in order to cover "software" and "set up" part of it and "THEY" will remotely to help me for the set up.

    Oh, by the way, because I special customized my MBA (even I picked it up at Apple Store), the tech support said I can not get the support from the Apple Store?????

    Did I come from alien colony?


    I am still not happy about this, and first time I had to call Apple Care (which I purchased for all my Apple devices, Mac Pro, Mac Minis, iPADs, 2010 MBA and this 2013 MBA) - and I wondered what kind of "tech" support they would provided.



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