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    I completely disagree, and find it offensive to claim that people here with genuine complaints about expensive faulty goods are exaggerating the issue.


    If the successful implentation of stable Wi-Fi in new products is so fraught with pitfalls, and essentially un-controllable as you claim, then why can all other computer manufacturers manage it okay?


    If Apple did 'extremely instensive' testing of their products before they were released, then how do you explain:

    • Antenna-gate on the iPhone 4
    • Scuff-gate on the iPhone 5
    • Apple Maps
    • The latest Haswell Macbook Air wifi problems


    I have a product that cost not a small amount of money that cannot connect to multiple networks, rendering it essentially useless when on the road. I have had to spend lots of my own time troubleshooting this issue for myself and for Apple engineers that need my help identifying the issue. And I am without a portable computer for work. This is nothing except a waste of time.


    I think people have a right to be angry and upset.

  • p0ttyp1g30n Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm in the project.


    The new 10.8.5 12F13 (installed today) solves NOTHING!

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    @ WhyYouNoWork


    Only a small percentage of the New Airs are having problems, mine works fine. Tested on many networks. There is no manufactured item on earth free of complaints, especially next-generation technology, haswell and 802ac wifi


    As to your claim about "all other computer MFG. okay"... this is a blatent untruth. No computer Mfg. on earth has been free of universal wifi operation problems.


    802ac is an entirely new animal, much faster; as such your analogy is comparing bananas and oranges.


    As a ham radio operator and reading 1000s of pages on antenna geometry and waveforming, even the nature of E.M. wave propogation is still much theoretical; same way action at a distance (i.e. magnetism) is a universal mystery.


    If you have an Iphone, until a firmware fix is in place, use your iphone to connect. Ive seen NO issues of hotspot problems with the new Macbook Air.


    Apple service is rated best for a reason, there is plenty of time for a software fix or complete return, in light of such facts, worries about cost is a non-issue.


    Apple has issued a statement to "capture" problem Mac Airs, and since yours would still be under return time, you have free will to return same for replacement with another, as gathered from many other reports regarding same.


    In 5 to 10+ days (?) when a firmware fix is in place,  this will be a non-issue.

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    Hey everyone


    I still haven't ordered my MBA, still waiting for this problem to be solved...

    I was just wondering, those of you without any problem, did you use a clean install, and start from new?

    And those with problems, did you import your data from a previous save (like TimeMachine?)?


    Maybe this has been dealt with before, I can't remember with as many posts

    If it's a software issue, I thought this could come from a time machine restore... (which I plan on doing when I finally order mine.)

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    Some more bits of information...


    I've tried Ubuntu 13.04 (a live distribution) to see if it was OS dependent. Sort of trying to answer to a previously posted question about anyone having a Windows Bootcamp installation (that I don't have).

    Well, Ubuntu doesn't see the hardware! I.e. the wifi card is not even detected...


    I've tried also a safe boot in OS X, to see if some buggy kext was loaded, but again the dropouts repeated at exactly one-minute spans...


    We need Apple to look into this SOON!

    I don't want to return my MBA to the store, as mine is custom BTO, with a keyboard layout that is not standard for my country...

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    Just curious. Is everyone calling Apple Support and opening a support case to log all the problems?  My MBA arrives today. Any issue I will call support and open a case.


    I ordered an Ethernet adapter with my MBA. I think I should get that at no cost if I have an issue.  I am sure they would refund the adapter. Just $29 or so.

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    WPA2 Personal is fine for me : No more problem with the connection.

    You should have a try.


    And YES, it looks like Apple is working hard on this problem.

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    Parents brought yesterday in HK for me in Moscow new MacBook Air 13" Haswell. After installing everything mine from timcapsul got the same problem with Wi-Fi... every 1 - 2 min connection dissapears... But signal is ok... Got 2 more MacBook Air 2012 at home - no problems


    In russian support told, that they are not changing MBA`s, sent me today some instructions for a helping to resolve this problem, will try later. Continue to use old MBA 2012 . Later tomorrow will try connection with others Wi-Fi networks... Don`t know admin password for my home router for to change settings... Oh..


    1380 $ for so many problems...

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    For those with disconnect problems, try this:


    hold down OPTION button while clicking on taskbar WIFI icon, at bottom it will say OPEN WIRELESS DIAGNOSTICS


    Ignore the popup "wireless diagnotics" screen that appears, but look at toolbar at top, it will say     Wireless DIagnostics  FILE   EDIT   WINDOW     HELP


    Goto  WINDOW,   then bottom-most selection click on UTILITY


    Youll get the wonderful Utility real-time monitor for WIFI, you can see under WI-Fi Scan what network youre only after you click on the "SCAN NOW" button bottom right.


    If you have a dual base station, either 2.4ghz or 5ghz will be highlighted.


    then you can click over onto the PERFORMANCE tab for realtime check of SNR (signal to noise ratio) at top in red


    bottom in green is RSSI (relative signal strength indicator) and blue for NOISE


    you can, in this UTILITY window, do frame capture, and logs of your drops etc.



    Most importantly, you can check many diff. wifi networks, and your own 5Ghz or 2.4ghz.....   To switch to 2.4Ghz, I had to go outside and close myself in the car, since 5Ghz is the weakest for connecting thru metal and brick etc, so it auto switches to 2.4Ghz





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    I've filed a bugreport to Apple, taking advantage of being a developer, into appleseed portal.

    I've filed this bugreport for latest OS X 10.8.5 12F13 mentioning that this bug is recurring from previous builds as well.


    We'll see...

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    ... And to add noise to this mess, now my wireless is stable!!!

    No dropouts since minutes.

    Watching performance in Wireless Diagnostics app... SNR good, Noise is low, RSSI is good.

    Conection rock-steady!


    What's different w.r.t. previous situation is that I've had to run wireless diagnostics through the app to file my bugreport to Apple.

    This action puts the airport card in promiscuous mode, before returning it to normal operation state.

    This MIGHT have changed something, but of course nothing can be said far certain...


    One thing I can say is that - based on my experience - thi should be a software/firmware issue, so I think we might expect some update sooner than later...


    (b.t.w. my wifi is up since 12 minutes without break now...)

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    Went to have a cig... returned to my desk and the wifi dropouts are there AGAIN!!!
    When i got to the Mac it was "dark" (but I don't think asleep... as my power management should require more time to make it sleep); clicked the mouse and the wifi restarted having problems... now, after a few dropouts is stable again.



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    I think probably it may be useful to know if we're sharing the same software/firmware environment or not.

    It may be particularly useful to know if those who don't have wifi dropouts have the same versions, so - please - go to:


    Apple menu

    About this Mac

    More Info...

    System Report...

    select Network > WiFi


    and save a screenshot of the generic informations given by System Information (those including software/firmware versions and nothing else that could give up personal information) like the screenshot I attached.


    Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 3.07.04 PM.png

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    p0ttyp1g30n wrote:


    Went to have a cig... returned to my desk and the wifi dropouts are there AGAIN!!!
    When i got to the Mac it was "dark" (but I don't think asleep... as my power management should require more time to make it sleep); clicked the mouse and the wifi restarted having problems... now, after a few dropouts is stable again.



    Consistent behaviour... it did again, after a break that caused my Mac to "sleep" (I've discovered new Haswell machines don't even list sleep option in "Energy Saver" pref pane...) wifi dropped out after more than an hour consistent connection. But it did just ONCE!

    Now is connected and stable again...


    It goes without saying that my office wifi doesn't change in any way, and my Mac is always in the same place.

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    I've been out of town for several days and have had no cell or Internet service for days, so just getting caught up on this thread and check voicemails. I had 2 emails from apple engineers and one voicemail from another engineer based on my posts to this thread. Has anyone else been contacted, and if so did they help resolve your issues?  I'm still a couple hours away from the MBA, so I'll return the engineers phone call when i am sitting in front of the computer.

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