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    wofsie wrote:


    Any idea if the CTO Air that is dead out of the box can be refunded from an authorized Apple dealer or why I am being told by Apple and the dealer that it isn't possible?


    I don't know.


    I usually buy from my local Authorized Apple Dealer because I've done business with the owner for about 30 years and I want to support him. But in this case they couldn't get the custom-built MBA as quickly as I could, so I ordered it online from Apple. As it turns out, I was in the store yesterday and told them the story about my MBA, and they speculated that the wifi problems might explain why they still haven't gotten any new MBAs. They usually get new product from Apple about a week after announcement, but not this time.


    I wouldn't listen to the tech at the Authorized Apple Dealer. But if you called AppleCare and they told you a DOA can't be replaced a second time, or can't be replaced if it was purchased from an authorized Apple dealer, then I'm very surprised. That doesn't sound right. I would call again and ask to speak with a supervisor to verify.


    Oh, and before you call, check the warranty. Regardless of where you got it, the machine has a one-year warranty. If it's defective, which it clearly is, then Apple has to fix or replace it. Period.


    I can tell you that, regardless of Apple's policy, my Authorized Apple Dealer would never leave me in the lurch like that. They would make sure I got a working machines. Period.

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    Thanks for your help on this.  I purchased from the Authorized Apple Dealer because I have been treated very well by them in the pat and they have a tech who is great with Apple and other IT products who always takes care of my systems, which I need since I am not a techie.  This has been very upsetting to me, and I have felt left out on a limb that is being sawed off behind me with no help from Apple or my dealer. 

    Sounds like I am maybe not eligible for a refund since my Air is a special order.  It seems crazy for Apple to take a defective Air back as they did with my first one, only to send a new CTO Air that was clearly not tested or it should have never been released to me!  Being fairly new to Apple and switching over our household, I am less then impressed at this point.  I need my laptop as it is my primary work computer, and the older 11" Air that works is used by my partner for work and travel.  This really puts me in a bit of a bind!

    Hopefully this will get taken care of and Apple will honor the warranty!  A lot of money and faith in Apple to change over to Mac only to be given the run around and defective dead computers that have taken too much time on the phone with Apple tech and authorized dealer and be left in a lurch!

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    wofsie wrote:


    Any idea if the CTO Air that is dead out of the box can be refunded from an authorized Apple dealer or why I am being told by Apple and the dealer that it isn't possible?


    In my situation — I need a MacBook by Friday next week — I checked with my local Apple reseller (Eplehuset) on their return policies if I custom ordered a MacBook Air with them and started using it, and asked Apple the same question over the phone.


    Eplehuset will not accept returns of any kind, and the normal 14-day return grace period also doesn't apply when I order through them.


    Apple, on the other hand, assured me that I could return the MBA, even if I use it, and they'll even come to my door and pick it up, for free.


    Seems bizarre that I'm worse off if I actually buy this from a "legit" store rather than order it online directly from Apple. Eplehuset will still have to accept my MBA within the first year for repairs etc. because they're an Apple reseller, so basically I'd have to be ******** to go to Eplehuset to buy anything. The price is exactly the same, the terms very much not.


    Guess that's the same deal you're experiencing. I still think you have a pretty good case here. A defective piece of hardware is a defective piece of hardware, and Apple or your reseller should be obliged by law to take it back. Not sure about a refund, though, but they shouldn't be able to not replace it. If they have to do it infinitely if they keep delivering non-working MBAs, I don't think that makes any difference.

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    drop-outs every 1 to 2 minutes minute on 5ghz. Had it replaced and the new one is still dropping out every 1 to 2 minutes.  Run the wireless diagnostics (hold down the alt/option button then click the wifi icon and select Open Wireless Diagnostics. from there, get it to monitor and check for disconnections. if disconnection, it will alert you)

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    Hi, same drop-outs problem with my MBA 11 mid-2013. For my point of view, related to OS X as, when I boot on Windows 8 (thanks bootcamp), on the same Wi-Fi network, I have no problem at all. So I'm looking for a patch from Apple.

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    Not sure if this will help at all but I called in a ticket to Apple support regarding this issue last week.  The ticket was escalated to the engineering team and after providing them with multiple wireless diagnostic captures they instructed me that it was a known issue and they were working on a fix in the form of either a firmware update or software update, they wouldn't give me any other specifics.  I would suggest reporting the issue to Apple and sitting through the 5 minute phone call to help give the problem some momentum towards resolution.

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    I bought a CTO MBA (i5/8G/256G) in the end of June and I had similar experiences as most of you: sketchy connectivity at my home network (Linksys WRT160N, 2.4GHz, n, WPA personal), but wifi signal at full bars throughout. Restarting wifi (or running the Network diagnostics) solved the problem for a couple of minutes. Running Wifi diagnostics made the signal more stable. No problems at work wifi (WPA2 enterprise) or in the train (no security). Changing my home network to WPA2 personal with AES solved my problems at home, so I can use my MBA until a fix is made avaiable.


    However, I do see some strange behavior when I am using Time Machine and I am curious if others have similar experiences. Whenever Time Machine is running a backup (to my Synology NAS, drive map using afp) my internet connection is lost. The backup is doing fine, but surfing the web is impossible until the backup is finished and I restart Wifi again. Anybody seen this as well?

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    Unfortunately this works very bad. Now I can be connected several minutes instead of several seconds I had before this "solution" (that I posted yesterday).


    And I found 1 BUG that works perfect:

    to block your wi-fi connection:

    1. turn on computer and wi-fi

    2. launch Safari (my setting is a blank page from the start)

    3. type in address bar something like "j j" (without quotes), press Esc-button to hide dropdownlist, then press Enter.

    You will see a google page with searches for this.

    4. now click on address bar (to focus it) and press Enter again

    After that your wi-fi connection is blocked. No one application can get Internet-connection.


    And another BUG with very long URLs (or with redirection). I can't describe this one, but I think it's present too (maybe not).


    So, I think there is a several bugs there, not only in Safari, Wi-Fi, maybe in Energy Saving. So, I hope Apple will fix it and we'll see software update very soon.

  • wofsie Level 1 (0 points)

    This all helps.  Seems like a refund is not an option, and my Authorized Apple Retailer is putting this off to Apple and me.  So I plan on continuing to sit on the phone working with the Apple tech and getting my 2nd DOA MBA sent back and a new one reconfigured and sent to me.  I may have to go through this process numerous times until Apple finds the problem/problems and gives us a fix.

    I think I do have a good case since the computer has been useless since opening the box, even after trying the various possible "fixes" suggested on this site.  I really appriciate being able to post my concerns and frustrations and reading all of the responses.  My anxiety is lower today.  I just hope Apple fixes this sooner then later and is willing to replace my dead new Air until I get one I can rely on.  In the meantime I have a friend who lent me his old Dell to use for my work.......better then nothing, but a bummer non the less.


    Any new word on possible timelines for a fix from Apple?  Being new to Apple and this site I am curious......does Apple actually read and listen to what their customers are saying and struggling with in the new product released before some major bugs were worked out?  If so.....why is no Apple rep speaking up on this post????  It makes me less trusting that Apple will take care of those of us who bought the Air and are suffering with it!

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    Hi all


    I have been having issues with my new macbook air since i bought it, i have replaced my router with a new model and everything is in working order for now (fingers crossed)


    I also called applecare and they said that they know about the problem with the new macbook airs and their engineers are currently working on a software fix

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    I returned my macbook air for a refund yesterday, along with the thunderbolt monitor and usb superdrive that aren't any use to me without the mba. It was the last day I'd be able to do a full refund. With no ETA for a fix to this problem I decided I'd keep my $2800 rather than the expensive paperweight on my desk.

  • wofsie Level 1 (0 points)

    Can't say that I blame you.  I wish I could get a refund on my special order Air and wait to repurchase when they finally have a fix and enough time goes by to be sure the fix holds.  With a refund not being an option, guess I'll keep working on getting my second dead Air sent back and receive a new one and keep doing that until finally one arrives that doesn't lock up every 5 minutes and need rebooting!

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    I also reached their Sr. Advisor. He said they are fully aware of the issue and have all the information they needed on it. There is a fix they are testing it out with a customer. They expect a fix in the firmware to be out soon (no specific date). I feel a lot better talking to him and knowing Apple is working hard to fix this problem.


    My co-worker and I bought the MBA on the same day. They were set up by the same person. His works fine - no drop-offs at all. Mine, unfortunately, is having this issue. Aside from this, this new MBA is so much better than my previous one. So I'm not giving up on it so easily

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    There are no reasons you should accept a DOA MBA. Special order or not!

    Just return it for a refund and by a new one once Apple sorts this out.

    Keep the pressure up on Apple for selling a defective machine, they charge premium prices, we should get premium products.

  • Mikael_B Level 1 (20 points)

    Return it!

    Get a god one as your coworker did.

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