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  • OliChamploo Level 1 Level 1

    I changed the channel and the encryption to WPA2. Now Iam getting a stable connection but its still very slow though.

  • gianni0610 Level 1 Level 1

    HI guys, i have same issue. Wi-fi lost in a 10 minutes after start unit.

    I had an idea: try using OSX mavericks beta and I want to see if I get the same error. I hope it's really a software problem! I hope ...




    OSX Mavericks with the same problem! **** I think I'll take it to the Apple Store and I will replace it. Apple ... what a disappointment this time!

  • daysonpais Level 1 Level 1

    What channel did you switch to? And are you getting no more wireless drops?

  • OliChamploo Level 1 Level 1

    I just looked up which channels are used in my area and took one that no other wifi uses. But maybe its also the change of the encryption. Now its working quite good and I got no drop out since then. Give it and go, maybe its working for you too.

  • cintari Level 1 Level 1

    I finally fixed my problem last night.


    Problem: Cannot connect to wireless N 5ghz network. Old 2008 macbook unibody connects just fine.


    Solution: Restore router to default factory settings. Delete keychain entry for my wireless network. Reconnect.


    I think this worked because I had manually configured some threshold settings to optimize my network. I was then able to set a few options away from default without it affecting connectivity.


    Settings for Cisco Linksys E3000:

    Mode: Wireless N only

    Encryption: WPA2

    Width: 40Mhz

    Channel: 161 (auto also works)

    CTS Protection Mode: Off (on willl also work)

    Transmission Power: Low (any level will work)


    *Important default settings below (advanced wireless settings)

    Beacon Interval: 100

    DTIM Invertal: 3

    Fragmentation Threshold: 2346

    RTS Threshold: 2347


    On a side note, this also allowed my iPhone 5 and Android table to connect. Weird that my old 2008 macbook unibody could connect but my new devices couldn't.


    Anyways, I hope this helps other people.


    Edit: Download speeds from network drive up to 11MB/s. No connectivity issues afterwards.

  • daysonpais Level 1 Level 1

    I switched my router's security from WPA to WPA2 and not had a drop since the past few hours. Not sure if it has completed solved the problem though.


    Though, it does feel like my internet speeds are slower.

  • arielchari Level 1 Level 1

    I have a question. Did anybody tried the fix that some guys where invited to try on their MBA?

    Did anybody succeed with this fix? i mean, just with the fix without having to change anything on ther routers.

    do we have any statement from apple?

    I am from Argentina, i got my MBA from a US store, i friend of mine brought it to me. I am very frustated. My machine works fine in some places and doesnt work at all in others.  The whole concept of the portable computer is to be portable, it should have wifi conection anywhere, no matter what router or modem is used.

    I will appreciate any answer.

    Sory for my english.

  • adityagandhi634 Level 1 Level 1

    Did it work.....?

  • adityagandhi634 Level 1 Level 1

    Guys try this.....worked for me:


    Ok. Open "System Preferences" (from your Dock). Then go to "Network". On the left side at the bottom (of window) you'll see 3 small buttons (+, -, the_third_button). Click the_third_button. Select "Set Service Order...". Drag Wi-Fi service to the top and click OK.

    Now you can use your Wi-Fi connection. Good luck.



    Pls tell me whether it worked for you or not........

  • adityagandhi634 Level 1 Level 1

    I think you're right because my wifi works perfectly when I use windows via bootcamp......anyways try this



    Ok. Open "System Preferences" (from your Dock). Then go to "Network". On the left side at the bottom (of window) you'll see 3 small buttons (+, -, the_third_button). Click the_third_button. Select "Set Service Order...". Drag Wi-Fi service to the top and click OK.

    Now you can use your Wi-Fi connection. Good luck.



    Pls tell me whether its working or not

  • adityagandhi634 Level 1 Level 1

    That'll only work in your home....not everywhere

  • mattehwsweet Level 1 Level 1

    I have found a solution.


    After a problem free few days with my new Macbook Air with 802.11ac late last week, I went home to use the Air with no apparent problems (much to my delight, I was expecting to have issues). Then this morning when I reconnected to wireless at work and it went down within a few minutes.


    I turned off wifi and then on again, but it still didn't work.


    So I then wondered if the reason wifi wasn't working today was becuase I was reconnecting to a network after I had setup another one.


    I then went through and deleted all wireless networks that I had added over the weekend and left only work wifi.


    Then reconnected to just the work wifi and it worked.


    Not sure if this is a fix to the problem, but I will post back later this week if I can replicate the problem again after connecting at home.

  • spideey666 Level 1 Level 1

    Called apple care today after having the wifi dropoff issue on my new macbook air 2013 i picked up on Monday. First they asked me to switch from WEP to WPA2 on my router. They also asked me to check for router firmware updates. Changing to WPA2 did not completely fix the issue. The I upgraded my router firmware (verizon wireless). Now I have had my machine powered for around 2 hours, and on battery for 2 hours. Connection hasnt dropped yet.


    Suggestion: Once changing to WPA2, if you go to sleep mode and come back, the connection might not be alive again. This is because, the older wifi profile will still have been stored as WEP. To fix this, go to Network preferences > Advanced and delete the old network profile and add the new one again.


    Now, your mac will reconnect to wifi automatically even after you come back from sleep mode. I am going to test this for couple more days and see if I find anything wierd.


    Like others said, this fixes problem at home, but outside, it still exists Hopefully apple comes with a fix that doesnt involve returning my mac.

  • bgsquare Level 1 Level 1

    I have been using my new MBA for more than a half month.

    Wi-fi drop-off heppens to me sometimes (1-2 times a day) while the wifi strength are showing full-bar.

    But it is a bit different from others that I do not need to restart. I just turn off and turn on Wifi and then it works. The internet connection for my other devices is quite stable. I am just waiting for new patches from Apple to fix this and I hope it to be out very soon. Until now, there is nothing. However, I am quite not sure this is the problem due to software or hardware. Right now I am thinking of returning my MBA, but it has been already over the period for full refund. I have not much knowledge about this. Should I send my MBA to get it fixed?


    Can anyone suggest me what to do?

  • mquaack Level 1 Level 1

    I also purchased a MBA on July 10th.


    At home no issues.


    Took it out today to 2 different public spots and my wifi dropped. I turned off wifi and back on and it started working.


    I called Apple Support and talked to a Senior Advisor (MacBook Wifi). He stated the following.


    1. Apple is aware and working on a fix.


    2. At this time he stated that they dont know if it is an software or hardware issue.


    3. He stated that when the wifi drops to check and see if you can still see other SSIDs. If you can then it is probablly software. If you cannot see other SSIDs then it might be a hardware chip issue. But, IMHO the issue is still open for a hardware problem either way.


    I told him that I was going to return my MBA on July 21 or July 22 for an exchange and I was going to do this within my 14 day period as many times as it took to get one that is fixed (hardware chip or software). He said that he understood and I could do this if I wanted to.


    I hope it is a software issue and a fix is coming soon. Seems to me that if it was a software then the 1st beta release would have fixed it and they would fine tune the patch and release it.


    I wait with bated breath.

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