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  • iamazad24 Level 1 Level 1

    were you able to solve it. same problem here. please share if solved.

  • rilot Level 1 Level 1

    Another user with the same issues here.

    I purchased a new 13" MBA yestrday. I can connect to my router at home just fine but anywhere else, I just get connection timeouts, dropped connections or just no data transferred.


    This is extremely frustrating as today I took the new MBA to work but have ended up having to borrow a 7 year old Toshiba laptop as my new MBA flatly refuses to keep a stable connection with any of the access points at work. All my other devices work just fine.


    Wierdly, I the only way I can get any kind of connection is if I put the MBA on my lap. If I put it on the desk, it just drops the connection.


    Oh, and it connects to my iPhone hotspot just fine. But my Android phone hotspot refuses to connect with the same old "connection timeout".

  • MaXKiLLz Level 1 Level 1

    Apple needs to make this issue a top priority.  No way I'm buying a MBA until a fix has been released and the fix has been confirmed by the users.

  • gianni0610 Level 1 Level 1

    This issue is so strange!!! I'm in office: this morning link with our wifi and connection dropped after 20 minutes.

    This afternoon i connect my unit at 15:40. Now is 16:46 (one hour left) no drop! What a strange case... what is this? Apple answer us please. (sorry for my bad english).

  • LeeBrunk Level 1 Level 1

    I got a new MBA on Saturday, and had the same problem.  Drops occured on my home system anywhere from a few seconds after connecting to maybe twenty minutes afterward.  I solved the issue at home by upgrading my old TrendNET router's firmware and switching to WPA2/AES encryption (which incidentally boosted my throughput by about 60% so hurray for lemonade).  I haven't taken my MBA out of the house yet but I strongly suspect I will encounter drops galore when I do.  As earlier posters suggested, I think the WPA/TKIP default encryption settings on most older N routers are key to the issue.  It's really disppointing that Apple hasn't solved this already, seeing how probably 80% of the routers in the wide world are going to present this issue and the MBA is supposed to be the ultimate mobile computer with the very best connectivity possible.

  • jobvs Level 1 Level 1

    I don't understand why You and Others are bying the MBA as long as this problem is existing.

  • tipitapp Level 1 Level 1

    I did not know about that problem, before I bought myMacbook. After I waited few months, I tought, maybe it is not a big problem, I just have to wait for the new update, and the Apple can find the solution for that issue... and after, when I started to searching in the forums... I saw... OMG, many people has a same problem....

    Now my Macbook is 7 months old. I talked with Apple, they exchanged some parts in my MBA and in the apple store is worked fine. They dont want to "admit", if your router is not working just only on 2.4 GHrtz, your macbook can not able to working with that router, but is not my mistake, is it the Apple mistake. So... I have to go back in the store, which is almost 2 hours from me... they maybe change some parts again, and it will working in the store again, and it does not will working in my home... and almost one year, my warranty going to gone... And what can I do? If the Apple does not want to admit that issue... ....

  • Oii_spb Level 1 Level 1

    Seems that I found a root of the problem.



    I've got two Wi-Fi routers.  First router is a Linksys WRT160NL , it works only with 2,4Hz,

    second is an ASUS RT-AC66U, newer than Linksys and works with two bands 2,4Hz and 5Hz.


    So, when my Air 11'' connects to 2,4Hz I have a big problem with Wi-Fi, it freezes each 15-20 second. Wi-Fi reboot helps but after I got the same issue.


    BUT WHEN I CONNECT my AIR 11" to 5Hz router I have no problem with Wi-Fi, it works how it should be.


    So problem is in a band, I am sure that the Wi-Fi card of the new Air notebook has a big problem with 2,4Hz mode. 


    And I also hope that this is only software problem.




  • tipitapp Level 1 Level 1

    that is what I told. Because it is working fine since I bought the airport express which is working on 5GHrtz. But is not very fun, when I want to go somewhere and I have to carrying all my staff because the very expensieve MBA can not able to working other way....

  • {rez} Level 1 Level 1

    I was going to get the macbook air, but now i think i'll go for a pro - or wait till january at that, this is because other weird/quality problems have plagued the mac before with no solutions. See for example: persist/


    This is really sad that there is still no fix to this issue - and the longer it takesi  bet it means the more likely there won't be a fix for everyone.

  • LeeBrunk Level 1 Level 1

    I wasn't aware of the issue when I bought it, and I would suspect that no one posting about this issue came to this forum thread before actually buying an Air, taking it home, and having the wifi bounce around like a superball.


    To be fair, Apple has a pretty good reputation for eventually fixing things.  Well, except for Lion, when we all had to wait for Mountain Lion and shell out another $20 to basically buy a patch to get our optical drives, Boot Camp heat management, and printer comaptibility back.   But switching my old N router to WPA2/AES encryption is a workable fix for me personally because I won't be taking my Air out all the time, and by the time that situation changes Apple should have figured out the problem.  Probably with Mavericks and another $20 patch...


    Now had two consecutive sessions of multiple hours duration with no drops, knock on wood.  And the MBA is just amazing in every other regard.  My teen is having second thoughts about the 15" Retina she got the same day as my MBA.

  • {rez} Level 1 Level 1

    Yes. I do hope they actually fix it, but that remains to be witnessed...


    Btw, I have a question - if you won't be taking out your macbook air around too much, what made you settle for the Air, instead of the Pro? The fac t that you may occasionally take it around? I ask because I have a tough time deciding between the two...

  • tipitapp Level 1 Level 1

    I lost my chance (until 30 day I can bring it back), because I waited for the software update... The machines befor mine (so 2012 MID) has the same issue and the new MBA has the same issue.... You can find this in the news somewhere... So I am sorry but I dont think so, the Maverick going to be the solution for that issues.... So i will bring ot back again and the problem is still here, I want they exchange it MBPro, I will pay more beacuse I dont need that headache...

  • Oii_spb Level 1 Level 1

    It might be funny in other situation,

    however, how about USB WI-Fi dongle?

    Will it be temporary solution or not?

  • LeeBrunk Level 1 Level 1

    I use my laptop around the house, so I wanted something light, long battery life, fast enough to handle the stuff I do on it, which doesn't include hardcore gaming (Eve Online is the most demanding thing I play) or serious video editing.  The MBA screen resolution is better than on my old 2009 15" MBP and is more than adequate for my eyes, so the Retina screen wasn't a game changer for me personally.  I didn't need a discrete vid card like on the 15" Retina.  In addition to the Haswell chipset, the MBA has a newer generation of flash memory than in the previous MBA and the current MBP Retina.  So, for the price of the base step-up variant of the 13" Retina, I got faster storage, faster integrated graphics, and a faster wireless card in the i7 MBA, all in a package that weighs about a pound less than the 13" Retina.  I love how light it is, and everything else is exactly as advertised so far.  Since I use it mainly at home and I found a solution that works at home, I'm happy with it the way it is.  Of course I want the issue to be resolved though, and adding to the nearly 50 pages of complaints on a public forum about what should be considered one fo the flagship products seems like probably the best way to bring that about.

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