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  • attiland Level 1 Level 1

    M. R. wrote:


    attiland wrote:


    Just buy it, the issue resolved. People still have issue is most likely with their settings not with the air. In the apple store they make sure you have the update installed, so nothing to be worried about...

    What an absolute arrogant statement! Get lost -

    some issues may have been fixed or partially fixed but not all connectivity issues are fixed!

    factual, not arrogant.

  • gianni0610 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello guys, I have this situation. It may seem strange but:



    After the update to fix the wifi network in my office is perfect and i'm on WPA personal on channel 6 to 2.4 Ghz



    At my home have a router with ADSL 2 + (quite poor) to WPA2 on automatic channel, and also browse them easily. The only difference is that as soon as I connect, wifi disconnects after about 10 minutes. Of course I check this with the utility network. However, the network connects automatically after 2 seconds and remains stable for other hours.


    I really can not understand this situation. However, it seems to work. What is software or hardware problem?? This is a dilemma!

  • attiland Level 1 Level 1

    NordTraveller wrote:



    Thre're no any "their settings". MBA is a small portative computer. It should work properly with any wifi router with which other devices work. By the present the wifi issue of MBA 2013 is not fixed.

    There is "their settings" I have tried quite a few things, and I found some of the issue is related to issues with user settings. I have a chance to test more than one unt due to my job, and some settings need to be done to make it working like it should. I found the issue has been resolved, and a few initial setups needs to be done. If you read what was working for others, you will see they almost all done the same.

    - Set up new network location

    - Set auto reconnect when network available.

    - Apply the patch

    - connect to network, or just add to the list


    Job done.


    Issue starts, when there is no security on a network, OSX tends not to remember those networks, so user needs to add them manually.

    Network diagnostic is not a tool to test WIFI connection. It runs a ping test only. as been said 2 lost pings is a lost, but think about it, how long is to connect to a network. no way you can authenticate it the timeframe of 2 lost pings, so the connection was always there, but packet has lost. The problem there is not WIFI connectiviti, more to do with signal strengh, wrong chennel settings on the router (conflict with other networks)


    Have fun

  • attiland Level 1 Level 1

    raducan.mihai wrote:


    I live in Romania and I already checked the repair procedures. They honor the international 1 year warranty. But we do not have an Apple store in Romania, there are only authorized distributors, so they will probably not change it with any new one, they will just repair it. I asked the Romanian distributor if they had any complaints about the MacBook Air's (2013 model) wifi and they said no.No complaints at all. It seems strange. Here we usually use WPA2 encryption, if that makes any difference.


    The dilemma I have: should I buy in Tokyo from an Apple store or go to a reseller. The price difference is almost 200 USD ! (I triple checked, the same model, year, configuration, etc). If I buy it from Apple store I know that they will replace it instantly if I have any problems, but if I buy it from a reseller....I don't know the policy.


    But I will open a new thread with this question, because this is the "wifi problems", not buying advices

    If I were you I would buy it in Romania, since if you have a hardware issue, you will have trouble to sort it at home. I live in the uk, but just been to 3 countries with the new air (Including Bucarest). The update came out while I was in Romania. Before the update I had issues, after it all has gone. On the way home both of the stops I had issue before was working just fine. Also have no issues at work anymore, where before I had to set up a different SSID with WPA2 because of the Air's issue, now the other network With WPA only is workin just fine too. Yes WPA2 was a key element of the workaround before. Now I have no issue with any of the encription...


    Hope that helps

  • eppes Level 1 Level 1

    Do you know the difference between the verb "to look like" and "to be" ? That was a (wild? gentle?) guess. If you don't like guesses, skip them :-)

  • attiland Level 1 Level 1

    wifiguru wrote:



    Did you see the WiFi issue and was it resolved post update ?

    Yes in all of encription in osx 10.8.x Windows os thoug still had issues, but again this update is for osx

  • eppes Level 1 Level 1

    You won't know until Apple speaks up. I was hoping the software update would have fixed the problem for everyone, but that looks like it's not the case.

  • spideey666 Level 1 Level 1

    I tested the wifi update also on Barnes and nobles ATT public wifi. No drop issues. I waited for almost an hour and downloaded some pdf's from apple dev site which took almost 20 minutes. Atleast in my machine, the issues seems to have been fixed.

  • rbothe Level 1 Level 1

    You may be correct but until I encounter the problem I will hold off on the update. I am sure there is a situation out there that will be a problem for me...

  • el be Level 1 Level 1

    Got my Air 3 days ago. I have just installed the update and still have the issue. I'm connecting to a time capsule, changed the channels to 6 and 11, problem persists. Should I go get my machine changed?



  • craigz_212 Level 1 Level 1

    i've got a custom build air and it's had this issue since purchase. the update has done nothing to change it.


    the connection drops after any sustained data transfer (youtube video, transmission download, etc).


    using the network diagnostic tool i am notified about the drop and can only resume network activity by toggling airport on and off.


    i'm using the air with an apple airport extreme (802.11n Gig Ethernet (early 2009)) which is running version 7.6.1 of the firmware. i'd updated to 7.6.3 when this problem first appeared, however the updated firmware crashed more frequentely and created issues for multiple macs & ios devices at home as well as an appletv.


    my network is using wpa2 personal for encryption.


    i decided against returning the air for a replacement unit as it seems to be software related, we'll see if i soon regret that decision.

  • wifiguru Level 2 Level 2

    Can you post a screnshot ? What do you mean it turns OFF ? Could be a hardware defect if its really turning Off.

  • wifiguru Level 2 Level 2

    Have you tried running the built in WIreless Diagnostics and tried to troubleshoot based on the report it provides ?

  • Flood78 Level 1 Level 1

    You are loosing your WiFi connection every 20 seconds???!!!

    If so, call Apple, they will exchange it right away!


    In my case, after the patch, I now loose the connection every 30 minutes up to 5 hours...

    It's very strange. Sometimes, I can get 2 or 3 disconnection in the same hour, but it seems much less after the patch.


    So the script I did help exactly to be able to watch Youtube video without waiting!

    Before... Youtube was just waiting for the data transfer as the laptop still think it is connected to the router.

    Now, with the script, it reset the wifi network card in 3 seconds (you can adjust that by editing the parameter) and the download continue as a charm.


    Thanks for the feedback

  • kahlonel Level 1 Level 1

    same here. bought my 2013 mba today and within the first hour of use this issue started popping up. and yes, i'm not a paid agent of google/microsoft or any other apple rival!

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