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Tried to install  OS X  Disc 1 (which I believe was of 10.5 Leopard) on my external my computer crashed. I can't recover it. The hear the chim when it switches on but the screen is perminently white with no graphic or loading icon. 


Here is what I did  whilst running on Lion on my mid 2009 MPB:

  1. Inserted  the grey colour OS X Disc 1
  2. Opened System Preferences
  3. Selected the CD and clicked Restart
  4. The MBP "restarted"
  5. It stayed on this white screen for while a tapped a few keys and the mouse but nothing. (I hope tapping the keys mouse didn't cause anything bad to happen).
  6. So I turnned it off  and on again with the power button,. the same white screen issue





I could really do with some help on this,  I use my computer I great deal and need for important things such as work. Thanks.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)