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I bought a couple of albums on iTunes, but I am unable to download them again. I tried all the tips and tricks on the internet, but iTunes cannot find some of my purchases. If I click on "Get available downloads", nothing happens. I tried the "Purchased"-tab, but still nothing. However, if I manually go to the albums and click on "buy", iTunes tells me I bought it already, but can't download it. Do you have anything I can try? I must admit my iTunes is somewhat outdated (version 11.0.2). Could this cause it?






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Solved by King_Penguin on Jun 13, 2013 1:18 PM Solved

Whether you can re-download music depends upon what country that you are in : what can be re-downloaded where. If you don't get a music section under the Purchased link under Quicklinks on the right-hand side of your computer's iTunes then you probably aren't in a country where music can be re-downloaded. If some music does appear but not those albums, then either they are no longer in your country's store, or have you hidden them (hiding and unhiding).