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After an apprent attack on my Google account, Google asked me to change my password, which I did. I have changed the password on my Mail and iCal accounts. The mail is working fine, but I can't log into the CalDAV server. I get the following error message:


"iCal found the CalDAV server but couldn't log in with your user name and password. Make sure these are correct and try again."

The user name and password are correct and can be used to log into my Google account. Any idea as to why iCal responds like this?

  • sterling r Community Specialists Community Specialists (6,115 points)

    Hello there Teri R.,


    It looks like it may be a good idea to remove the Gmail account from the iCal preferences, restart the computer, and then re add the account.

    Highlight the account in the iCal preferences, and press the - down below.

    After restarting the computer re add the account with this article:
    iCal 5.x: Set up a calendar account in iCal



    Set up a Google or Yahoo! account

    1. Choose iCal > Preferences and click Accounts.
    2. To add a new account, click Add + in the lower-left corner.
    3. Enter your Google or Yahoo! email address and password, and then click Create.iCal finds any calendar accounts associated with the email address you provide.




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    The exact same thing just happened to me!  So far, no luck in fixing it.  I tried deleting the account, restarting, and re-installing the account, but I'm getting the same error message.  Do you remember how you solved this?