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Network Setup:

  • Verizon Actiontec Router - latest firmware, all Airplay/Bonjour issues were reportedly fixed this version. I forwarded port 5353 just in case, but I'm not accessing the PC externally, so that shouldn't matter.
  • Windows 7 PC - firewall is inactive, though I opened up connections for Bonjour just in case. iTunes is updated. mDNSResponder.exe is running fine. PC is connected via ethernet cable, but that isn't supposed to cause any issues.
  • iTunes - Logged into Apple ID, authorized the PC, enabled Wifi Syncing, synced iPad multiple times via USB cable, reinstalled iTunes, and enabled library sharing. Running any Diagnostic Tests result in a crash, but that might be unrelated.
  • iPad Mini - updated, logged into Apple ID.

The Problem:

  • Home Sharing doesn't seem to be working at all. I've tried restarting the router, logging out and into my Apple ID on both the PC and iPad, and making sure all settings are set correctly. Nada. The library refuses to appear on my iPad under "More."
  • Airplay doesn't appear on the PC iTunes client or iPad Music app unless I enable my Android phone as an Airplay device. Then the Airplay icon appears on both devices, but will only list the same device and the Android phone.
  • WiFi Syncing doesn't even act like it cares about me. When accessing the menu on the iPad, the PC is listed as "not available."

Sorry for all the text. All I know is there is some connection issue between the iPad and PC. Thanks for any suggestions.

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