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Hi there,


i need a strategy for the following problem:


in the past i encrypted iphone backups and lost the password. What i need to know is, how do i create a new non-encrypted backup without any password. I don't care about the encrypted old backups, only need a new one.



Sounds easy, mmh? Oh it should and it could be this easy, BUT...


Everytime i connect my iphone 4S to any of my computers and start itunes, there is a hook set by default on iphone backup-encryption and if i try to disable this, itunes asks for the password, that i don't remember.


To make it clear - i don't want to save the old backups, cause i don't need them while my iphone is perfekt as it is...


Any thread i found tells me to make a backup, reset my iphone to the factory settings and then to configure my iphone as a new one, BUT if i do so, all data are lost, and thats the last thing i want to do!


Is there any chance to get rid of this hook in itunes backup encryption and/or to do a simple normal easy goin backup?


thanks in advance for any helpful hints,


sincerely yours,



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iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3