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I am working as a DJ and thought a MacBook Pro is the ultimate solution.
I have an External Harddrive with 1TB Music. Songs are organized in differend folders by Artists.
When I am searching one song I type a keyword in finder and let him search. Some songs the finder can find, some songs he can't.
So i made a test on a windows PC. Well windows searches about 30 seconds but find 10 different songs with the keyword i typed in the search field.
And my Mac find 0 Songs to this Keyword.


Why is this like that ?
Is there any plugin to find everything on it ?
I've tried the app pathfinder and easyfind but there is the same problem


And dear Apple....please let the Finder find everything in OSX Mavericks


I use a MacBook Pro Retina so my hardware can't be to old for this. and even a Windows XP can find all songs.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)