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Currently I need a PC for work related items. My current PC is getting a little long in the tooth (going on 6 years old) so I'm going to have to upgrade pretty soon.


I also have an older macbook pro 13" (the first year they made the 13" a pro, probably 2009) I installed a larger hdd in it and installed windows via bootcamp for some work related things (office.. etc)


I also have a new 11" macbook air I use for personal work, writing...etc.


So my hope was to replace my current PC monitor with a new 27" thunderbolt display (using a mini display port adapter because my current pc only have dvi and vga outs) and then also be able to hook up my macbook air to the monitor via thunderbolt so I can work at home on a 27" (with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse) and also a charging/docking station.


Would I be able to do this?


Ultimately, my goal is to get a 27" iMac (or even possibly the new macpro) within the year and use the thunderbolt montior as a 2nd montior, while still being able to use my PC on the thunderbolt monitor.



Sorry for the long-winded question but any help would really help me make my decisions.




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