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One iMac is an Intel Duo Core 1.83  with OS 10.58, and the other iMac is an i3 at 3.08GHz. 


Goal to have the hard drive info transferred to an iMac i3 3.08GHz which now has 10.68.   The Duo Core would be the SOURCE, and the i3 is the TARGET machine.




• 1.  If SuperDuper or CCC is used to clone the DuoCore drive to the internal i3 drive, will the i3 boot ?


• 2.  If it won't, can one use the generic 10.5 intall disk to "archive and install" on the i3 and then will the i3 will boot ?   A friend told me that one needs the specific original system software disk which came with the i3, but that disk cannot be located now.


• 3.  If my friend is correct, is the only alternative to use a 10.7 disk to upgrade the OS once the Intel Duo Core internal disk is cloned to the i3 internal disk ?


• 4.  What about using the Apple Migration Utility ?    Will it be successful ?



SUMMARY:   How best to make the i3 work with the apps and data presently residing on the Intel Duo Core ?



Thank you.

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    Likely you do not want to clone, the i3 most likely cannot boot from 10.5.8


    4. is your best bet, should work fine.


    3. May work.

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    Not having full confidence in Apple's Migration Utility, the following gave excellent results:


    One machine in target mode and used it to boot the other machine.  Each machine booted fine from the other.   So SuperDuper was used to simply clone one machine to the other.  Target mode was needed to use SuperDuper anyway.


    Mission accomplished.  Easy.  Fast.  No problems.

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    Good work, thanks, which OS was used for this?

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    Turns out both iMacs were at 10.68.   The only glitch was that Microsoft Office detected the hardware change and "deactivated" on the target Mac.   A five minute call to the Microsoft activation line yielded a new activation code and Office on the target i3 Mac now works.   MSO versions prior to 2011 did a network check seeking simultaneously running copies, allowing only one copy at a time to run, but did not have a hardware check.


    Thank you.   Long live "target mode".  BTW, when using Disk Warrior in target mode, especially with the longer firewire cables and/or 400-800 converter cables, one is far more likely to get "disk malfunction" errors during catalog rebuilding.  When then changing to a bootable Warrior DVD, those errors to not display.

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    Thanks, FWTDM mode was one of Aple's best inventions ever.