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Thank you for any suggestions!


I need to regularly check with another Mac that has a static IP and is always running. Both machines run Snow Leopard and I use the command Connect To Server in Finder to connect to VNC://….


So far I managed to ask for confirmation and have someone in the location confirm to establish Screen Sharing, but I have not been able to do the same without asking for permission first.


I don’t want to use the first option By asking for permission

but the second option As a registered user.


The error message is:

Authentication failed to “server

Please verify you have entered the correct name and password.


Does the user who wants to establish the connection have to be a different one from the one who is currently logged in? I have tried both, the same user and a different registered user on the machine.


What else could I do differently?


One is a Mac Pro and one is a Mac Mini both run 10.6.8

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)