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My several mail accounts' passowerd in not registering with OSX10.6.8 on my MBP 17"

everytime i enter the pw for one account  the banner comes back asking for it again.

preferences were repaired several times, system restarted several times. no luck

any fix for this please.?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 17"
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    Try going into the Keychain Application.  It's in the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder.  Find the entry for that particular Mail account and delete it.


    When Mail tries to download emails from the server it will ask for your password yet again.  Enter it, check the box for "remember me" if there is one, and the problem should be solved.


    Good luck!



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    Thank you Jim

    But no where in the keychain I was able to find reference to any email account

    Not in the system nor in the root system !!!

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    My email accounts is still not working on this 10.6x machine ( MBP 17" first gen)

    I followed to what Jimmer suggested,

    Any suggestion ?

    Maybe i should re install OSX10.6.8 all over again or just the mail.app

    If so , i would appreciate help how to


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    I just went through a very complex issue with this.


    We were getting emails from our RoadRunner accounts thru Mail, but Gmail and AOL accounts were not coming through.  We talked to both tech supports for a total of something over 25 hours, reaching up to Apple's executive level and RoadRunner's level 3 tech support. 


    It took getting fierce and demanding service—   Road Runner said it was simply not possible to receive emails at the Apple Store but not get them at home.  My wife took over, which probably helped.  She could plead ignorance, actually a very strong negotiating position, where I knew a little bit and was sensitive when they laughed at me.


    The upshot was that our wireless modem had some of Apple's ports shut down. See this list of ports:




    Search it for Mail to see what needs to be open.  Check with your ISP, probably not level 1 support but higher, and make sure that they are.


    We are blessedly able to send and receive mail properly for the first time in months.

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    BTW, Kechain will save your internet passwords if you check the box that says something like "Remember me on this computer" when you log in.  It lists mine as "imap.gmail.com     Internet Password"  and if you double click, it opens up.  With your computer's admin password, you can read your application or website password.

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    My keychain is not even registering any of my accounts !


    2- neither my Mbps nor my router were changed  all my emails used to work fine with the same hardware prior to 6/14

    Now they don't (except my rss)

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    I think it's a keychain issue

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    I didn't think I was having modem issues till they were resolved.