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Hello all,


I have an iPhone that I have music on synched to a Windows PC.  I just bought an iMac and want to synch my phone to the iMac instead.  However, when I plug it in to synch, it wants to wipe my iPhone and use the music from the iMac (of which there is none).  I want it to go the other way.


Now, my wife and I share the music library (she has an iPod, I an iPhone) from the PC.  Is it possible to have the music library on both systems and allow us to synch to whichever?


Sorry if this isn't clear. 


On a side note, I purchased a song on iTunes from my iMac and I cannot get it to download onto my phone from the iTunes store app on my phone.  No clue what's happening there.


Thanks in advance.



iPhone 4