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Hello Forum,


If I could swap the current 1TB internal HDD for a 4TB drive, could I get more life out of my aging 2009 iMac?


The 1TB quickly filled so I moved the data/media files to an external RAID (dRobo) connected via Firewire 800.


When I open Lightroom to edit or view photos and videos, the photos can be slow to load and manipulate and the video somewhat choppy.


My immediate conclusing is the FW800 is creating a bottleneck.


Secondly - based on reading some negative online reviews of the dRobo - I am thinking maybe it's the dDrobo that is slowing things down.


OR... maybe the dRobo in combination with the FW800 connection results in slow file transfers?


Thirdly, as I am using an aging 2009 iMac I am concerned the machine itself may be the problem as far as processing goes.


The machine seems to be "healthy" and humming along fine so I am hesitant to upgrade what appears to be a perfectly good iMac for sake of a faster I/O interface - USB3 and Thunderbolt.


Yesterday I had a look at some Macbooks purely because I was thinking the faster I/O interface might resolve my issues I hestitated to actually purchase one of these portable machines becuase the following question keeps coming up in my mind:


I suppose one question is whether anyone out there in the Apple Support Comminities has increased the capacity of their aging iMac's HDD to store data and media internally and then used a dRobo or Time Capsule or some other HDD as a primary backup solution?


Thank you.

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)