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I followed the Apple steps about copying my iTunes library to an external hard drive and now the original music files "can't be found" on either my external hard drive or when I open up iTunes on my computer.  Any thoughts on how to get back where I started with simply having playable music on my computer? Or I suppose another way of asking this could be, where would I look to get the orignial files back? Any help is very much appreciated!!

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    Copying the library to the external drive for backup purposes in no way affects the iTunes library.

    So, what did you actually do?

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    Thanks for your response!!


    I connected my external hard drive to my computer and followed the steps that were listed in the apple support article under the "copy iTunes folder to your external drive" section. I don't have a Mac computer, but I followed the Windows steps. After the music had finished copying over to the external drive, I closed out the programs and shut off my computer. The next day when I went to play a song in iTunes, I got the error message for the majority (not all) of my music.


    Here is the link for the instructions I followed:



    Now in the past, I've had this issue with music that has been given to me by say a friend on a USB flash drive. I always thought that was the issue, but now it's giving me the same message for music that I bought the CDs and copied them directly onto my machine. I'm with you... I didn't think copying the library should do anything to my library, but I think my problem might lie somewhere in the steps listed for moving the file location before copying the library. As I open iTunes from my desktop shortcut, and look under "preferences" and in the "iTunes media folder location", I'm wondering if I need to do something with the "Reset" button to change what I had done from the Apple Instructions?


    Also, as I connect my external drive up, it says it has all of my music (including all of the album artwork, iTunes library extras, etc.). I am able to open it up, but when I click on "iTunes library", it does the exact same thing as if I clicked my iTunes desktop icon. The music is not there since it is not the "original file".


    Again, thanks for taking the time to help me out!

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    It honestly sounds like instead of copying the media was moved.