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Not sure how common this is, but I tried the new top end Air in a 13" today and spent 4 hours after going over the display and other various parts to ensure I didn't find any defects.  When I started to use it to type, I noticed the keys in the middle row are grinding towards the left side of the metal surround when being pressed at times.  It gets more and more pronounced as you continue to type until it feels like the keys are binding.  Otherwise, a good machine, I just hate wasting time on something so expensive.  Going back to the apple store tomorrow and will probably just seek a refund. 

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 27" Mid 2011 3.4 Ghz 16Gigs Ram
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    I have the same problem some of the keys, are rubbing against the aluminum.

    Did you solve de problem with apple?

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    It's lessened some with use.  But if it's bad, replace it.  I  took my first one back and the second one had a bad screen. 


    Now I'm noticing the screen on my third MacBook Air I've kept is scratching easily when using a microfiber cloth to simply wipe dust off.  It's minor and hard to see.  But I don't like having to not touch my computer to keep it nice.  MacBook Pros have a better protective cover on the LCD. This is likely my last air.   Hope you get a solution to your situation. 

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    Today I left my in store, they said that are going to take photos, because they had never seen one like that, and that in principle only would change the TopCase.

    You received a new one?


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    I did mine within the 14 day return period.  From past experiences, the Genius Bar only has served to inflame matters for me.  Damaging my gear, scuffs, etc.  They aren't as careful with my stuff and as a result I've become overly sensitive to testing anything new from apple.   Anything mass produced can have issues.  Apple has just perfected the art. 


    It might be an easy fix, but go over it and if something is damaged, make them replace it.  It's what I had to do when they kept goofing up and both parties knew it.  I think the issue is with how the keyboard is aligned from underneath.  Because the keys only rubbed on one side.