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In Final Cut Pro X it would be fantastic to have the option of displaying the output of your project anywhere and not just on a secondary display. I have 3 Apple Monitors next to one another and it would be great to display the output on the third monitor in other words you should really be able to "detach" the output monitor and move it to where you want it like in FCP7 and Soundtrack Pro. Or can you do this and I just missed something?

The other thing you can't seem to do is see which of your clips are Keyworded, when you look down your event it would be really useful to see a key icon next to clips you've keyworded and which you've left out because they may be bad takes or something.

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Don't know about the monitor setup.


    You can pretty much get what you're  asking about keyworrds. In Filmstrip View, check to see whether they have a blue line across the top of the clip. In  list view, if it has a disclosure triangle next to the clip name, it's either been rated or keyworded. You can also display (in either view(only those clips that have neither been rated nor keyworded by hitting Control X.