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I have lost my Apple remote, so I downloaded the app. But the app will not recognize the Apple TV.

I have tried it on the iPhone and iPad. I have force reset the Apple TV. Still not working.


I tried going to the local Apple store, but apparently Apple TV is not available here (Thailand - I just moved here, which is how I lost the remote control).


Any ideas?





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    I believe your problem might be the Homesharing setting...


    Follow the steps in the following knowledge base article and you should be fine:





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    I already tried that too.   Just for good measure, I tried it again. I turned off home sharing on my MBP, then back on. Did the same on the phone, and on the ipad. But no joy on either.


    For info, my iTunes is the latest version, 11.0.4, and my Remote app is version 3.0.1

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    And I have switched off my home router and switched it back on.

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    Hi Paul,


    I noticed that you didn't include the Apple TV in your reply of machines you activated home sharing on.


    Let's leave the MacBook out of the picture as you will need this only in a second step when you want to access your iTunes library from the AppleTV.


    Can you confirm that you activated home sharing with exactly the same Apple ID on the following devices:

    1. AppleTV

    2. iPhone


    and they are both in the same wireless network?


    If yes, then please check if your wireless router has Multicast Routing activated. I think you need that for Home Sharing to work.




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    Thanks for the additional information.  Yes, I am using my one and only Apple ID for all devices.   All devices are sitting here in my living room with me - MBP, iPhone, iPad, Router, Apple TV and the TV. The first 3 are all using the same router.


    Router?  I have a CISCO EPC2425.   I just now logged into it and checked the config.   It shows that Multicast is enabled.   I tried switching Multicast off, then back on. No change.  Still can't get Remote to find the Apple TV.


    I appreciate your help on this.

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    That indeed seems odd.


    Can you at least find and control your MBP iTunes library with the remote app?


    If yes, only the Apple TV setup is your problem.


    If not, I guess there is a problem in the router setup and you could quickly verify this if you try your Apple TV and iPhone remote at a friend's place?


    And the Apple TV is in the same Wireless network like the first three devices?

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    Yes, when I open the app on either device I can access my library.   The Apple TV should be on the same network, but since I don't have a remote, I can't interrogate it!


    I followed the instructions to force a reset of the Apple TV - plugged it into my MBP and reset it.   I can try doing that again.  


    A good suggestion re taking to a friend's place.   A friend of mine has Apple TV, and even promised to loan me an old Apple Remote, though he is away at the moment.


    Don't know what else to try.

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    Yeah, I think the Home Sharing setting at the Apple TV missing and I believe you can actually not change that without a remote. So borrowing one is a good idea.


    Then just double check your Wifi setting (or connect the Apple TV with Ethernet) and check the Home Sharing setting in the Apple TV menu and you should be all set to use the iPhone remote App to control your Apple TV.


    Good luck!

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    Btw, if you have a spare remote it might be a good idea to setup this remote to control your AppleTV so you don't need your iPhone or iPad all the time.


    I think this setup video does a good job of explaining the setup: