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My family has an imac where we have a family photo library in iphoto.  The iphoto library is under my wife's profile.  My wife and I each have an iphone 4S.  I'd like all the photos my wife and I take on our iphones to automatically upload to the iphoto library on my wife's imac account.  I've tried a few different ways of doing this and none of them are ideal.


My current solution works, but has some unwanted side effects.  Currently, my wife and I use the same main icloud account on our iphones.  This would be the perfect solution if it didn't take up the same icloud storage (among other issues). 


It'd be nice if you could have 2 photo streams linked to the same iphoto library on a mac.  This way both my wife's photo stream and my photo stream would downloand to the same iphoto library.  It doesn't appear that iphoto for mac allows this.


I realize I could do this the old fashioned way (outside of photo stream).  But, it seems as though there should be a solution that works automatically.


Could there be a solution creating a shared photo stream on my iphone and sharing this photo stream with my wife?  I've looked into this but can't see how it would work automatically.  It looks like you have to manually add photos to a shared photo stream.  I'd like the shared photo stream to update itself to include all photos I take.


Does anybody have a simple solution for this problem?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.4
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    There is not (yet) an easy solution to use an an iPhoto library with two separate My Photo streams.


    It might be easier to take the family photo library out of your wife's account and move it to a shared location, so boh of you can maintain it, see:

    iPhoto: Sharing libraries among multiple users


    This way, both of you could download automatically to My Photo Straem and your private iPhoto Libary, remove the worst pictures, and then export only the best shots to the shared library. This will make the shared library smaller and at the same time create a backup of the best pictures, and it will ensure that your family will never see a potentially embarrassing photo. Sharing My Photo Stream is really dangerous, because each and any picture you take will be added the PhotoStream, before you can delete it.


    As you may have seen at Apple's WWDC keynote presentation the new MacOS X Maverick will bring more sharing options for Photo Streams: Watch the keynote

    You may want to wait for the next software generation before doing any major reorgansition.