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how do I get the pdfs I have on my macbook into ibooks so that I can read on ipad, iphone?

iPhone 4S
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    You should be able to add them to the Books part of your Mac's iTunes library either via File > Add To Library or by dragging and dropping them over the Books part of your library. Then connect your device and select it on the left-hand sidebar of iTunes (on iTunes 11 you can enable the sidebar via option-command-S on a Mac), and on the right-hand side on the Books tab select and sync those PDFs (or you might be able to drag the PDFs from the Books part of your iTunes library over and onto the iPad / iPhone 'device' on that sidebar). They should copy over to the PDF collection in the iBooks app

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    Is there anyway using which i can get the iBooks stored on my iPad on my Macbook using iCloud?