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Hi, I am attempting to create slideshow in I-Movie 11... first time ever and am having trouble filling screen with image, leaving black bars out of sides or top... I created the ads in Indesign CS4 and exported to Jpegs. The image size in inches are 42.8"x28.7" --- sized to fit on 47" google tv at completion...I don't want Ken Burns effect. I have clicked Fit and it fills screen up and down but not sideways... I have also attempted to crop and am unable to strech the entire crop horizontally along with the fact that it won't strech to top and bottom of image... I have also attempted saving file in smaller and larger sizes only to have same problem... frustrated in New York and hoping for some real help... we have also created a flash file that has three different images that play in the 30 seconds that the image is timed out to be seen before changing to another ad...and are not having sucess in getting the whole image to be seen on screen, even tho the base screen for the .mov file is the same as the jpegs I have created. I am not sure what we are needing to do... again first time effort in this venture and am pretty sure there is probably a simple fix but... well you know.... work long work wrong so hoping for a helpful hint or hand. The .mov file was created in Adobe Flash.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)