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    I am going to hold off for good now..I am sticking with 10.6.8 till the end now..the iOSification of Mac ( and windows) is a step backwards  as far as I think.


    I won't be going for Mac again..bakc to Windows when this machine finally dies..But I was jsut on the correct side of ML being supported on the Mac Pro...Late 2008 build

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    There was only ONE single thing I liked about the ML mail app


    they finally corected teh direction in which e-mails delete when you hit the delete key.

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    OK< so back to the original question.


    How do I copy/import the old mail and mail downloads folder ocer from one instalation to another clean installation?


    If I use Setup or Migration assistant, it copies the problesm adn constant ctrashes across as well.


    On the clean install I created a New Use with the same name,  User ID and UUID and copied the Mail and Mail Downloads folder from the old install over to the new install,


    But on launching Mail, it starts as if it is a new, askiing to set up e-mail accounts etc.


    How do I move the old mail over to the new system?

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    OK< got it myself.


    I had tried many times as instructed on various sites..copying Mail foldrs, plist files etc..all never worked..


    Ownership /Volumes/Users HDD had been set to 'Ignore Ownership'.  I did this when I was very first on the Mac and wanted to view the iPhoto / Itunes librarys other users Documents from variosu users..and easiest way I found at the time was Ignore ownership. 


    I never put it back to the corect safe not ignore ownership as it all worked so well.  I have three users, ..but all me or the girlfriend, and data is shared equally between all accounts..we only have seperate accounts to keep Mail adn Address book seperate,

    So ignore Ownership has workd well for years.



    All closed..thansk for all the input.

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