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Katsuaki Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

I think I did something to make road disappear from maps.

I reset iphone and it did not help.


Is there anything that anyone know how to fix it?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
  • mario49 Community Specialists Community Specialists (3,215 points)

    Morning Katsuaki,


    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.


    For more information on this, take a look at this article:

    iOS 6: Using Maps



    Tap Overview, then tap the lower-right corner of the display. Select hybrid or standard.


    Best of luck,


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    Clicking hybrid or standard does not solve this problem. For me, roads are visible in hybrid and satellite but are no longer visible in standard view.


    This isn't just a problem with my current location. I am in Atlanta, and maps previously worked very well here. I began having this problem while in another state, and now I can't see roads in standard view no matter where I am.

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    Standard troubleshooting...


    1. Try a Restart by pressing the sleep/lock button until you see the slider.  Slide to power off.  Restart by pressing the sleep/lock button until you see the Apple logo.


    2. Try a Reset by pressing the home and sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo, ignoring the slider if, it comes up. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.


    3. Remove all apps from Recently Used list...

    - From any Home Screen, double tap the home button to bring up the Recents List

    - Tap and hold any icon in this list until they wiggle

    - Press the red to delete all apps from this list.

    - Press the home button twice when done.


    4. If still a problem restore with your backup.


    5. If still a problem restore as new, i.e. without your backup. See how it runs with nothing synced to it.