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Maybe I'm getting old and having a plethora of blips and bleeps going off all day is making me wonky, but it's begun to drive me mad that iCal on my MacBook Pro and Calendar on my iPhone use, by default, completely different sets of alert tones.  I'm trying to, which I realize may be a futile endeavor (of which, if you have certainty, please don't hesitate to pipe up.), get as many sounds as possible in like programs to be the same.  I think it would solve every problem in life (yes. every. single. one.) if I was able to hear my computer blip from the other room, my iPhone blip while pedaling thru traffic and know "a-hah, I need to check my Calendar to see what's up!" rather than "was that 'whistle' a Calendar reminder or a Reminder reminder?... oohhh I can't remember", because my simple brain has been Pavlovianly trained to associate that single sound with one meaning only.  This, to me, sounds far more pleasurable than some syntho-digital cacophany resulting from each app and application vying for it's own unique style and the resultant uncertainty over whether or not I need pay attention or note to myself to later just turn the sound off. Thanks & enjoy your waffles!