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    The document size is encoded in the file you receive from others.  What you want is simply not normal.  At print time you should be able to tell the print drive to scale the document to the paper size you have OR selec the default for your system in "System Preferences":


    Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 5.51.53 PM.png


    To open System Preferences select the menu item " > System Preferences" then click the "Print & Scan" pane

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    hi wayne.




    i am not sure i understand what you mean when you say what i need is "not normal" but i assume it means that you have no use for it? i mean, i think you say this because you create documents on your computer and then you print to one single size so you have no need for this? or you are saying that you creat a document that fits exactly to one single paper size and this is the only size you print this document to?


    either way, in my case I NEED TO PRINT TO VARIOUS SIZE SHEETS and i need to try various options so the spreadsheet (sometimes these are very large) have text BIG ENOUGH TO READ but also so that it print out on paper in a way that is sensible and i am not having to get out scotch tape and tape a spreadsheet together (while refencing the original on the screen) because the print settings sliced it up into tiny little pieces that are not sensible for human reading. sometimes if i print to 11 x 17 it is not big enought to READ so i have to print again and it would be very helpful not to have a lot of steps each time i need to do this.


    can you /please/ tell me what you mean by "tell the print drive to scale the docume to your paper size"? this is what i need. you are saying that each driver - for instance my Epson WF 7520 - should let me accept a xls spreadsheet from someone (for instance) Open it in Numbers, SCALE THE SCALING WIDGET shown at the lower left of my document or in the INSPECTOR and then Print to 11 x 17 /and/ alternatively Print to 11 x 18 SIMPLY BY SELECTING A SCALE TO FIT PAPER OPTION?


    ALSO, when you say "select the default for your system printer" this is doing nothing for me AFAIK because i am able to print on TWO SIZES OF PAPER on this printer and also i don't need a DEFAULT PRINTER i need a default SCALE TO FIT TO A PARTICULAR PAPER SIZE. does that make sense? i mean, if you are saying that i can do a PRESET for my Epson WF 7520 that will SCALE TO FIT my numbers spreadsheets to 11 x 17 and then to 12 x 18 then this is EXACTLY WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO. can i do this?


    THANK YOU - all caps simply for emphasis and not for shouting.  :  )

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    I am sorry I cannot answer your question.  Hopefully someone knows the answer.  Really this is NOT a Numbers problem so you may want to post in a forum related to your printers and their drivers.




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    this is wacky.


    what have we been talking about then?


    i am trying to print out of NUMBERS to spreadsheet sized paper and it is not a numbers problem? not a mac problem either i suppose?


    this seems like a semantic argument not rooted in the reality of using the OS or the software....


    sorry but this is not rocket science. i want to print a spreadsheet to two different sized pieces of paper.


    maybe MS Office for the mac is a solution here...?!

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    Try from Office and see if the problem is resolved.

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    yeah, i guess if it works in office it is not a numbers problem...


    i wonder if anyone on this forum can save me the time of testing this out and/or who has a solution in numbers that doesn't involve recreating every spreadsheet i receive from scratch.

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    Wayne asked me offline to take a look at this thread. I've skipped this thread in the past because I'm not sure I understand your issues. Paper size a document property and orientation is a Sheet Property, set in the respective Inspectors. If you want to print to different paper sizes from the same document, you are going to have to be switching the paper size in the Document Inspector to make the change. You could Print to PDF and Print the PDF in Preview, where you can scale to fit whatever paper size you select there, but I don't think that's any more convenient than just changing the paper size in the Document Inspector.



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    hi jerrold.


    i think this explanation of the paper size being tied as a "document property" is helpful. i think it is a really dumb way to have it work from a functional perspective (for instance in Preview i can manipulate a document to print on what i want it to print on at a scale that i want it to print much easier) because for the life of me i have no idea how this relates to the PRINT VIEW of my document.


    can i please ask you (pdf is a nice idea but won't work in these cases) how to make sure i am getting this to work? do you want me to MANUALLY SCALE the document after selecting the paper size in Inspector?


    also, do i have to get in and MANUALLY SELECT the tray (i.e. the actual paper size) in some way?


    also, does actively selecting a printer when in Inspector mean i don't have to select a printer /again/ in Print dialog?


    for instance, i just did some tests and got into Inspector and printed the first page of some random spreadsheet.


    i left "Format For" as "Any Printer" alone and selected 12 x 18 paper (this is in my lower tray) and i went back to the document and i selected print. it printed out on the upper tray (11 x 17 paper) and the information on the bottom and the right as i would expect got cropped out (because it was expecting larger paper).


    then i went in a selected Tabloid paper (again left "Format For" alone) and this successfully printed on 11 x 17 paper on the upper tray at the correct size


    so then i went back into inspector and i SELECTED MY PRINTER (it is a large format printer) and i selected 12 x 18 paper and i got the same results (printed on the upper tray and cropped) as i did in the original effort to get to 12 x 18 paper when i didn't select a printer.


    am i correct in thinking that i have to somehow tell the printer to print from ANOTHER TRAY when i need 12 x 18 paper since it is always using the default tray that is 11 x 17? i mean, i guess if i move the 12 x 18 paper to the top tray then all these prints will come out on 12 x 18 inch paper? if so, is there is a THIRD SELECTION here that i have to make here somewhere that tells the printer where to print after i tell the mac which printer to print to after i told it what paper size to use which is after i used a MANUAL SLIDER to tell numbers that it needed to put all the rows on one sheet...?


    also, (sigh) i guess it is not possible to SAVE these various options so that when i want to print in numbers to different size paper i can do it without wasting so much paper? i mean, like in Preview i can set a print 4 to a Page in black and white and i can pull down to it. is there a way to tell numbers to print the whole document width-wise on one page and to print to my 12 x 18 paper or to 11 x 17 paper or to 8 x 11 paper?


    the problem i am having is that when i have to run through so many hoops in inspector and then run through so many hoops in print dialog - trying to figure out which size paper is the best size - i am bound to forget something (like checking the first page to print) and i end up printing a 487 sheet long document and i have to jump in and stop it.


    if i could just select a pulldown that SAVED all this effort i could focus on more important things.


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    ok. not all of that makes total sense but there appears to be some relationship between settings in inspector and settings in Print dialog or are they totally independent?


    also, how do you select a tray?


    i guess you can manually select the Print View SCALE SLIDER to fit the document width wise to one page and not have to redo this each time?


    can one select the printer in Inspector OR in Print dialog or is there some difference here in terms of where you select the printer?


    also, if i am just selecting the PAPER SIZE or the orientation in Inspector why in the world can't they let me do this in Print dialog and for that matter why in the world can't i tell a numbers spreadsheet to Fit to Width in Print dialog? it looks really unprofessional to have a stack of printouts with Grid Margins and Font Sizes all slightly different because i didn't write down the MANUAL SLIDER proportion percentage and instead have to eyeball this each time i have to do it. can i get this to stick or just do a Fit To Width automatically?


    THANK YOU a ton...

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    In Preview, you can scale the source image or fit to the destination paper size. You do not have the option to position it. There are no sliders involved in the Preview print dialog.


    In Numbers, you can see all the margins as you edit the content in Print View (as opposed to Sheet View). You can drag things around, and change the sizes of things, and in what I consider a lame shortcut, you can use the Content Scale slider. This is a WYSIWYG app and you're swimming upstream if you try to ignore that fact.



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    hi jerrold.


    thanks. i just want to be able to print onto various sized paper which seems like a reasonable need.


    1. so if i am understanding you, you are indicating that one FIRST has to select the "Document Paper Size" in Inspector and then has to MANUALLY SCALE the spreadsheet so it will fit onto this paper size?


    2. then one has to select the PRINTER that you wish to print to by going to PRINT? do you happen to know how you select the TRAY that contains the actual paper? i mean, i am realizing now that even if i SELECT A PAPER SIZE in the software this is just for formatting reasons. i then somehow have to get the Print dialog to send the document to the correct printer AND the correct tray with the correct paper.


    does anyone know how to do this with the Epson and the HP?


    3. also, it would be a huge benefit to be able to save presets for me if there is no "Scale to Fit" functionality in numbers. if i get a piece of paper to scale to fit onto 8 x 12 (quick review) and 11 x 17 (review) and 12 x 18 (final) it would be super to be able to save these settings since it will be impossible to get a newly printed updated document to print at the same size but also it is a major pain to have to go through so many steps (if i was to count how many steps it takes to get a document to print on 11 x 17 instead of to 8 x 11 i am guessing it would be between 10 and 15 clicks, assuming you remember the steps).


    i mean, i /have/ to remember to run a test first page every time i do this because it gets screwed up so often and that is a good indication that something is not optimized in this workflow IMHO.

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    You are asking for a feature that would have little value to the normal user. Most people have a pretty good idea what paper size they are going to use when they produce their spreadsheet document. This is particularly ture in the iWork market, where I'd bet upwards of 95% of users have never printed to anything but 8.5 X 11" paper, or thier country's equivalent.


    I'll repeat; if you need agility in printing options without editing your document, export to PDF and print from Preview.


    Selecting paper trays is the sort of thing that is done in a Print Dialog Window, and the options in that window are dictated by the printer driver, specific to your printer model. Different printers with the same features even have different dialog window designs, depending, I suspect, on how much effort the manufacturer feels like putting into it.



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    ah, OK. thanks jerrold.


    i didn't get the point that you would not use numbers to print to various paper sizes and i couldn't get my head around the idea that i would be printing to pdf (click click click click...) every time someone sent me a spreadsheet that i had to print out or that i needed printed out. whenever i get these they are rarely formatted and even if they were i think the person that prepares them would have a hard time knowing what would be optimal for me at that particular time.


    printing to pdf was unworkable IMHO but exporting and then printing with the Preview functionality is a great workaround. many thanks for this. i was getting /creamed/ with this issue over the last year or two. i would get a document, spend twenty minutes testing and getting it set up and printing bad versions, then i would print and then a week later i would have to do it all over again with a new version. right now i have a binder full of these and all of them are printed out on the SAME PAPER at slightly different sizes (lol). it looks uber unprofessional.


    i mean, i have to work with very large budget spreadsheets and there is no way these will fit onto 8 x 11 and i have a hard time imaginging that there aren't a lot of users that need to print to non 8 x 11 format. it seems very limiting to have a workflow that requires such tweaky slider proportional controls and/or to not have presets once you get things where you like them.


    i mean, if i was asking the developers i would say please give us a set of presets that let me Fit to Width and that select my paper size (either in inspector or in the Print Dialog).


    the more i think about it the more i imagine mac users leveraging spreadsheets in al kinds of ways and 8 x 11 is extremely limiting for anything but a very limited set of columns (like max of 5) in portrait and conversely a very truncated list of rows in the case of landscape 8 x 11.


    anyway BIG problem SOLVED so a BIG THANK YOU!!

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    There is a variation on that that you might find useful. If you only need to print a block of cells, Select the range of cells, Command-C (Copy), Switch to, Command-N (to create a PDF from the clipboard), Command-P to Print.



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    thanks a bunch jerrold. i very much appreciate it.