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I would like to be able to 'kill' a webpage on my screen without closing the window entirely.

Because I often need to have multiple pages on my screen at times.

And that slows down my computer until the pesky:

"This page has become unresponsive,  Do you want to 'Kill' it or wait for it." 

If i 'kill' it, it turns blue, but  thankfully remains on my screen for me to reactivate it later.

If my computer is slowing down I would like to be able to choose to 'kill' a page or more before i get that warning, so that it still is on my screen.

Is this not possible?

Thanky u.

Macmini2, Dual Cores, 1 Processor; Bus Speed: 667 MHz ; 2GB Mem; L2 Cache:4 MB;