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Can you record facetime calls?

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    A yes and no answer.


    The app has no abilities on this front itself.


    However Quicktime Player can be used to record the screen during a chat.

    The FaceTime App has to remain in front of others if you do this.


    There is also Screeny



    8:57 PM      Tuesday; June 18, 2013


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    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

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    If you're thinking of recording a call without the other party's consent, get legal advice first.

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    I think what everyone is missing in the original question is the value of recording Facetime Chats in the context of easy to record Video Podcasts. This is a great concept for "Interview" style Q&A, "How to training" and similar positive utilizations. There are Display Recorder apps that worked prior to iOS 6.1.3. This is a great concept and ought to be explored

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    Call Recorder for FaceTime just released:



    Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.28.26 AM.png

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    hi Ken,


    That's good to hear.

    I have had many eccam products over the years to use with iChat and the camera is general.

    I have never had any issue with them.




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     Couple of iPhones and an iPad
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    The most effective method I found to record both sides of a phone call using my iPhone is the $10 TapeACall Pro app. There is no time limit for the calls, you can convert and download the audio file and no background audio beep is given should you wish the taping to be covert.


    it works by calling a separate number first which will initiate the recording and then using the conferencing provision to add one or more other parties by FaceTime or cell.