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In fact I have 2 questions:


when I do a web search if I click on a link to a pdf file, 2 things can randomly happen :


     1 The pdf opens in a safari window and I can directly read it (that's what I want)

     2  The pdf file is directly downloaded to my hard drive (and I may have to trash it if it turns out not to be as interesting as I thought)


My first question is: is there a way to always have the option 1 and never the second one?




Second question : Once (if) the pdf opens in a safari window, is there a way to DIRECTLY save it where I want? So far, the only way to do it I could find is from the safari pdf window, save the file to the "downloaded items" folder and then move it to the folder of interest. I can also from the safari pdf window open the file in preview and save the preview pdf document where I want.


In any case my 2 solutions appear complicated to me: is there a way to do that in a single step?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)