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    We are fellow users and not Apple employees...if you want to communicate with Apple, use:

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    So I discovered my Optus 2 year plan comes with a free apple 2 year warranty (YEAH OPTUS).  So I took the phone in.  Straight away the apple genius said we know of this hardware problem, so we just replace the phone under warranty.  They have replaced it with a refurbished unit. 

    The refurbished phone has a different wi-fi issue.  This time WIFI drops out after 60minutes sitting idle.  Only a phone power reset allows you to reconnect to wi-fi - YEAH!?!

    My original phone was in immaculate condition.  This refurbished piece of sh1t has a spongy button, and someone elses intermittant wi-fi issues.

    I returned to apple shop (after waiting 2 days in their genius bar queue).  The said they will just restore the software (because their restore is more 'powerful' than any restore I can do at home - which I had of course tried twice already).  They also said don't apply your backup, as that could reintroduce the fault.

    Guess what!?!

    The fault returned 60 minutes later (PS. with no backups restored to trigger it as per genius recommendation).

    Guess what!?!

    I have to wait in the genius bar queue for 3 more days to get it looked at again.

    If only the apple genius would listen to me, and give me a new phone out of the box for god sake.  Of course, they also thought the button did not feel spongy and said, every iphone button will feel different.

    I just can't believe how a company that is trying to protect it's good name, will d1ck around a customer to save a few pennies.

    Fortunately this is the wifes phone, and my Samgung Note 3 is working a treat.

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    Had the same issue as 75% of the good folks on here who like me spent money on a product that boasts this and that yet when something weird like this goes down, none of them seem to know why. They replaced my phone and this "replacement" isn't even 2 months old yet.


    Fell asleep last night, woke up this morning and Tada, no wifi. I'm not freezing it and I'm not overheating it. Apple' going to have to do much better than a swap replacement. How about a free upgrade for my trouble?


    Just needed to vent a bit as this is my 2nd iPhone 4S, which suggests to me that the product on a whole is defective.

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    Oh,  forgot to mention the phone is running the latest version of iOS 7.

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    please go to no waiting in a phone queue. address your issue to an apple rep. You can also got to and explain to them what occured. Don't give up.

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    If your wifi is grayed out and you have tryed all of the resets and it still doesn't work try baking your logic board. There are some good videos in YouTube just search "iPhone wifi oven fix" there's a video of a guy soon this I his iPhone 3 but it worked for my 4s. Hope it helps you.

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    Thank you so much Sir! it worked on my phone... God Bless!

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    Ok so I went to the genius bar about my greyed out Wifi - bear in mind I'd already done 4 hours of online support with all the appropriate restarts, restores etc... Within 2 seconds the guy said, ah yes, its a hardware fault on the Iphone 4S (nothing to do with the upgrade to IOS7 - just coincidence that it happened at the same time...hmmm) The wifi ariel is known to be faulty and therefore they offer you a new replacement phone for 135pounds.

    Now...I'm not impressed at this. A known hardware fault - which seems to have been kept pretty quiet. And unless you're still under warranty then you need to buy a new one.  My phone was fine until I upgraded to IOS7 - now its a hardware fault...personally I think its Apple playing silly peeps - I'm incredibly disapointed with the whole deal - why would I buy an Iphone 5S when they can't support the phones before without breaking them. I think its time to say ciao ciao iphone!

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    If your having a wifi hardware issue try searching "iPhone wifi oven fix" there is a video that shows how to reflow your motherboard and fix all the loose connections using just your oven. I tried posting a video but apple took it down. They said it had nothing to do with the original post. But any way the oven tricke worked for me and I hope it helps some more people as well.

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    Hi you guys. My iPhone 4S wifi started randomly greying out. It started out every once in a while then slowly got worse, to the point of being greyed out for days. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the wireless card overheating. Or the solder around it. So I was stumped for days thinking I had to pay more money to get it fixed. All I did was put in the freezer for twenty minutes. No more or no less. Turned it on and WELL AH! it started working. I hoped this helps. I had my iPhone for only a year before it did this. I think it happened cause I left in the car and it overheated, not really surf though. Anyways hope this helps! It worked for me and will hopefully work for you. Comment please if it worked for you!

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    I'm in the same situation but even worst, my 4S has no longer in the protection period, and then the apple staff told me the only way is to pay $1500hkd to fix it.


    But as the conversation here, it's a design problem between the new iOS and 4s, do apple really think we should pay to fix ur design bug??


    I'm so disappointed about this, fix it apple!!!

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    A few dozen with problem? Wake up, try thousands with the grey out! Have you seen all the youtube videos trying to fix them and all the views, not to mention the thousands of conversations just like this one going online about this major problem. If this was a car company with a problem they would do the right thing and recall the car and then fix it for free because they know its there fault! Its time for APPLE to own up to this major problem and fix it for free!

    Come on Apple your better than this!

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    If you live in the UK and the phone has not been dropped then you are in luck as all products must be fit for use for the life of the product (not just 12 months). It's a statutory right and Apple will not be able to argue as the fault is either in design or manufacture. Battery wear etc is not covered but this is a manufactured fault. Take the phone into the Apple store a demand a free repair no matter how old the phone is.

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    my iphone 4s is the same wifi is grey and wont let me turn on. its uninsured and out of warrenty but the apple care protection plan is 2 years. does this mean my phone will be replaced for free? my iphone has been dropped once or twice and has damage to the glass front and back but worked perfectly until tonight. will this also affect me?

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    did everything, no fix.... saw that it could be an initial temperature issue... power off, put it in the fridge, took it out 5 minutes later, power up. works fine.

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