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    I provided a detailed response as to the same problem happening to my phone and the response received from Apple store employees in Pittsburgh PA. My response is gone.

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    My wifi grey out after ios7 upgrade. I wanted to share my experience and rant a little but equally hoping someone else had a more sympathetic response from Apple: Apple store patienty evaluated my iphone 4s but tell me hardware issue and as 4 weeks beyond 12 month warrenty I have to pay $200 for replacement refurbished phone. Didnt seem very fair and well below what I was expecting from Apple customer service. I just want my wifi fixed, thats all. So I wrote to corporate Apple who again said hardware issue and denied it was caused by ios7 but said the wifi issue was already there but only manifested with ios7 upgrade ... really? so what Apple are saying is the phone was broken before the ios7 upgrade but I just couldn't tell ... how is that not a manufacturing fault and if I could not tell when my phone was broken it probably occured before my warreny was up? These pleas fell on stony ground. Has anyone else had similar experience? Massively disillusioned with Apple and seems absurd they are happy to alienate  customers by taking such a dogmatic line on what seems a common issue. Will probably cost Apple much less to fix that disillusioned customers leaving the Apple family and purchasing another manufacturers phone, tablet or computer. Don't be short sighted Apple!  

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    Dude seriously just turn it off put it in the fridge for 5 mins the. Turn it on.  Humour me

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    freezer solution will keep the wifi alive for a few days to weeks. as i have shared earlier, i have got my wifi issue fixed through a repairer at a very nominal cost of $35 (here in Mumbai) and its working fine since the past one month. Instead of paying Apple $200, going for repair makes sense only if the repair cost is so low.

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    Do you live in the EU? I don't know about the rest of the world, but you have a 2 year protection within the EU against manufacturer faults. Warranty is optional for manufactureres/retailers, they could just give you none, but the EU law states that customers have minimum 2 years protection against manufacturer faults, Sweden extended this to 3 years in April 2005. Turn to your nearest Consumer Advicor/Ombudsman (or whatever they're called in english).


    The WiFi is, by my guess, considered a function that the consumer coult not possibly damage after the phone was manufactured. Unless you have water damage inside or have opened the phone yourself.

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    when my wifi greyed out, honestly I broke up there and have done what is required here. when I try to delete the data without itunes restore data from the backup, I try to set as new iphone. and I restore the data manually. like my contacts restore from icloud. somehow I am confused, what to do.

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    Hi, im not sure if this will help you but I have searched for months trying to find a way to fix this.

    This is what i did, I turned off my sons iphone and i got a hair dryer and just held it over the iphone for about 4 - 5 mins until i could touch it but only just. Then i waited for 5 mins then turned it back on, dont ask me how but it worked the iphone picked up wifi straight away I didnt even have to turn the wifi on it just appeared.

    I read it has something to do with a chip which sometimes comes un stuck and this just heats it back up enough to stick.

    Not sure if it will work for you but at the moment it worked for me. Obviously dont melt your phone and good luck

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    Freezer trick is the first thing that worked for me. Not saying its a forever fix but its the first procedure i tried that worked for me.

    1. Turn Cellular data off.

    2. Place phone in zip lock bag

    3. Place in freezer for 10-15

    4. And boom! Your problem is fixed.

    And word of advice when you go to the genius bar don't act like a dick. They are there to help you, they are employees, they have a job. They are not the ones responsible for the issues your phone may undergo. I went to the genius bar yesterday was kind, patient and nice...the employee came back and told me that my phone was out of warranty but because I was nice and patient(which alot of people aren't when they go to the genius bar) he honored a refurbished phone for free which should've cost me $200. Just a tip that may help you guys out as well. Respect is given when respect is earned.

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    I am new to this and hardly have time to read discussions online.  I came here to see for myself if there is anything I can do with my Iphone with a similar problem (after speaking to stores selling iPhones, checking online for support).  have read the most recent messages (until page 3) on this issue and have the following comments :


    1- I am appalled that some people commenting here (pro apple or perhaps apple employees) seem to have a dogmatic approach while answering consumers/apple users facing the problem.

    2- I can understand why Apple's stocks have been dipping, from my own buyer standpoint, the consumer friendliness can not be discerned, for apple users facing this problem. 

    3- I am not sure Apple technicianscan be aptly referred to as "genius", but from my consumer/buyer perspective, I can now understand there is much marketing hype over Apple. In reality, you are left literally to your own device - 'you should protect your property, insure, extend warranty, etc' - to me, a strategy, I do not subscribe to, because it inspires lack of trust for the apple brand and the crew behind it. 

    4- The planned obsolescence is too obvious and the tendency to get users hooked to an apple product, an insult to the intelligence of anyone who can afford Apple products.


    Sorry, after purchasing an iPod, iPad, 3 iPhone4S (two of which fell out due to this wifi issue) and a macbook - I can NOT trust Apple, Apple brought it to itself. At this point, my next phones will be any android or smartphone- a Samsung, an Alcatel, anything but iPhone or products associated with this company. 


    I have owned gsm's my entire work life, and need it for my work (not for leisure) - but never have I been in a situation where both the company technicians and users could not pinpoint where the real problem lies. I never had to insure my gsm's, when it is broken, there is a specific reason to it and not a mysterious bring it to your apple genius/technician reply, and sorry to you if you do not have extended warranty. 


    I do not blindly follow a brand or company that does not give me reliability and service - unless I pay for it extra. The fact that I have purchased your product, is a show of trust, and I can tell, when my trust has not been reciprocated by service. 

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    Strange but it worked for me in the freezer, now to see how long it lasts!!

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    I tried everything, the only thing that got my wifi back on was putting it in a zippy bag in the freezer for over an half hour. Thanks that tip helped me a lot :)

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    I had the same problem in my iphone 4s... after the actualization of ios, the wifi greyed out. I talked to apple assistance in brazil and they don't have nothing to do in software, just change the iphone in assistance. But in brazil, the cost more than R$500 (30% the amount that i paid for the iphone). The attendant said that the problem is caused by the actualization of system and the time of use the hardware. but i think that, the client can not be blamed for this... the actualization caused the problem. The Apple should resolve, without cost!

    (Sorry about the english! )

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    Hate to contribute here, but have the same issue. Apple, do something, or I will soon be advocation in favor of your competitors, as for I didn't pay for the phone in order for you to decide when I'm supposed to change my devise due to "out-of-warranty hardware problem"


    A year ago I would have never thought that I could consider Apple a bad company!

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    My wife has had this issue on 3 of her phones.   Thankfully we have apple care which will end in Jan. 2014. I asked the "genius" if that happened out of warranty and he said I would have to buy a refurb for 199. I then said that this is a hardware issue with the adhesive or the chip and he said, "it is a good thing you had apple care".


    The customer service wasn't bad but far from the expecations and past encounters with "genius" folk.


    If her phone wifi dies again I will try the freezer and hair dryer tricks.  It is truly sad that a company with more money then the US govt can not bite the bullet and offer free fixes to this very common issue.


    Has anyone bothered to get their phone fixed by a 2nd party here in the States?   That 35.00 dollar special in Mumbai sounded great.

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    really?  as in freezer? i tried ralph recommendation i worked for  only 10 minutes,. ., pls help me., how long did you put your iphone on the freezer?

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