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    Physical damage can occur even if the iPhone is not dropped.  Again, that's why having some form of protection plan makes sense.


    For example: have you ever been accidentally bumped into while you were out in public?  Ever dropped something you were carrying when that happened?  You can control your actions; you can't control the actions of other people.

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    Thank you very much for post this issue. I'm experiencing the same issue, but the most difficult issue added to this one is that my computer don't recognize mi iphone either from a MAC or PC.

    Unfortunately this didn't worked for me, and I'm trying to search more information before leave my phone into the customer service.

    Thanks guys!!

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    These issues are usually not real hardware issues, but may be hardware-related in that the newest iOS does things just a little differently and brings out underlying hardware problems.  At any rate, usually the fix is noted above works for most users.  Some have to take an extra step and backup their content, then go to Settings > General > Rest > Erase All Content and Settings and then restore from the backup they made.  And if that does not work, the ultimate step is the Apple store genius bar to have the iPhone tested...this may then disclose a true hardware fault that means replacing the iPhone.  Before taking it in it is strongly recommended that the user backup the contents, preferably in iCloud so the techs can restore the contents to the replacement iPhone while you wait.

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    the wifi greyed out probelm has developed for my wife's iphone 4s a week back. I have tried all available resets, resetting the phone as  a new one, etc and didnt solve the issue. Then i tried the freezer technique. kept it in the freezer for 15 mins and wifi came  back and stayed for 3 days. after going through many discussions, my hope was that probably its not a 100% hardware issue and that ios 6.1.3 could be culprit to some extent. I did the freezer techniqe for the second time and got the wifi back and immediately installed the ios 7 beta 4. the wifi was shown as on but internet was not accessible. i powered off the phone and restarted and wifi was greyed out again. which means its not like an ios 6.1.3-specific issue. ios 7 does not make any difference.

    I am in Mumbai, India and contacted an iphone repair shop. he is quite familiar with the issue and fixes this hardware issue on a daily basis. he has quoted around $30 for fixing it. He will return the phone on the same day.I am going to give the phone to him in 2 days time. can give an update on it then.

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    While you are completely correct, what most people dont know is that there are 2 protection plans available to

    Apple customers, and certain eligibility criteria that apply. There is the Apple Care Protection Plan, which extrends the Hardware limited warranty, and Technical phone support for 2 years from the purchase date, but does NOT cover accidental daamage(must be purchased during the first year of ownership per device, costs 69 dollars). Then there is that AppleCare Protection Plan +, which must be purchased within the first 30 days of owning a device, and pass a diagnostic test, this covers 2 incidents of accidental damage in which the phone can be replaced for a fee of $49, this plan costs $99 for iPhone at purchase, so generally most people dont have the protection plan that actually helps if an accident happens. Sometimes the fine print can really get you.

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    Unfortunatly this is a public forum, and iOS 7 beta is not supported, nor are we allowed to talk about it on this forum. If you are a developer you can go to, other than that, there is no help for you here

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    Sorry for that. actually, we in India need to spent a bomb for a factory unlocked iphone unlike the schemes in US. the iphone under discussion was 4s 64 gb. so after spending that kind of money when  we notice that the most critical aspect of the phone, the wifi, is disabled, it definitely puts one's butt on fire! having an iphone and using it without wifi is like buying Airbus A380 and using it for road transport to the nearest super market! not having a warranty, i had to explore all possible avenues and scope it experientially before reaching a final conclusion.

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    Unfortunately, none of these things helped my problem. I completely wiped it but since I don't have the original itunes computer here with me I couldn't really restore the backup (I tried to backup the phone before resetting but this didn't seem to have backup up everything). I'll try again when I'm home but since resetting the phone didn't restore WiFi functionality I have little hope for that. I'm pretty annoyed. This thing was only a few months old.

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    If your iPhone is only a few months old and of these tips help, take it to an Apple tore genius bar and have it checked out.

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    LOL, believe me, I'm completely aware of the two plans you mentioned.  I forget who it was, but someone on here told me I was wrong about the 'non-plus' version of AppleCare being available for iPhones.


    It was an interesting conversation.  I had to 'prove' that this information was correct, even though I have the non-plus version for my iPhone 5.  (My credit card company has damage/loss coverage at no cost/no deductible, that's why I went with the non-plus over the plus)

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    This is a hardware problem related to the new iOS system optimization procedures which can cause the WiFi chip to overheat. The iPhone in turn, switches off the chip and the WiFi switch is greyed out.


    There is more information about the issue here:




    I'd first ensure that your WiFi address is blank. Check that under Settinsg > General > About:iphone-wifi-address-unavailable.png

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    This worked for me!  Thanks Ralph!

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    Just to be clear, it is not the iOS causing the problem; it is the already defective hardware which does not become apparent until too much 'power' goes to the chip.


    Basically, it's like this:  Say you have a container that is supposed to have a capacity of 1000 milliliters.  But it's actually only 950 mL.  You never put more than 900 mL of water into the container.  One day, you put 975 mL into it, and it overflows.


    The water did not cause the problem; it simply made the problem noticeable.  Other similar containers are built properly, but this one was not.  That's why some iPhones have the issue after the iOS upgrade, and others do not.


    The upgrade doesn't cause the issue; it just makes the pre-existing issue visible.

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    I have read through this and noticed the apple lovers are chalking this problem up with user error for the most part. Even though I agree is not the techs fault it is also sad that none of them know the issue. Now through all my research on it I have come to a conclusion that not only is it hardware its also software. I came to this by one most issues happened after the 6.0 update and the fact that Apple used lead free solder. Lead free solder tends to crack over time from heating and cooling. I can definitely say if anyone's iPhone got as hot as mine did this problem is not a surprise. Now Apple probably thinking that adding a new check for connectivety on the wifi chip to fix wifi from dropping out accidently ended up causing more problems. so yes its an apple issue will they do anything about it probably not so your best bet is just to get the chip re flowed

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    I am having this exact same issue now, I only got my (replacement iPhone having dropped my original) on Thursday, its very frustrating.


    Both my wifi and bluetooth connections are not working and I in general setting under wifi network it says N/A


    I have tried the Apple support advice, cleared the phone and restored from back up to no avail.  I cannot get a genius appointment until Wednesday.


    So trying this advice Ralph thank you, here's hoping it works.

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