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    Iphone 4s will be my last Iphone. My next smartphone will be Samsung, and that's for sure!!!!!

  • mack67NZ Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Have the same issue - with the latest ios software update, wifi became greyed out.  As the kids and myself use wifi all the time at home, so with no wifi, a big part of the phones functionality has gone (also went through our months data in 2 days when phone automatically reverted to 3g)


    Rang the apple 0800 number and they were very helpful.  Tried all that was suggested ie Performed a restore as new phone, but wifi issue remained.


    Phone in the process of being sent away for repair.  Although iphone4s out of 1year warranty, have been informed that apple may still cover cost for fix or replacement.

  • Big Tam Welsh Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had same problem

    Turn ur iPhone face down and blast with really hot hairdryer until the message (iPhone temperature is to hot cool down before use) stick it straight in freezer for 5 mins and that's mine been working for a week now

    Hope this is helpfull

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    I had the same problem.


    Reset and restore way didn't work out.


    Freezer way worked for 3 days.


    Today I went to Apple store and they told me to fix it(actually replace it) for $200.


    Stupid Apple, this issue is ABSOLUTELY NOT users' fault. We did nothing to let this happen. I am sure most of us were using our phones as how we used in past several years. Some friends guessed I got it into the water or dropped it from a high place, however I can swear to god that when this problem first came out, non of these "carelessness" happened! I took my phone out of my pocket and found it won't connect to Wifi, after a restart, the button greyed out forever.


    Sad Apple, you ask our customer to pay for your fault. Do you know it's not us who made the Wifi chip overheated? Instead, it's you.


    If you argue that since we are out of warranty, so we need to pay for the stupid $200 replacement fee. Shame on you. It's an apprantely disaster caused by Apple's fault, however, the longer(rotalty) you are holding Apple's device, the more you need to pay to let Apple fixing its own problem?


    Apple should apologize for the inconvenice caused to so many users.


    Now I see why the stock price dropped.


    Bye Apple

  • Robertzamora19 Level 3 Level 3 (575 points)

    back up your phone and then go to

    general>reset>erase all content and settings


    then try to connect to wifi

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    Hi Everyone,


    Just joined the forum, thought would put in my 2 cents worth, to let you all know what happened to me.


    I upgraded my iphone to the most recent version was working fine till two days ago, realised my phone was on 3g and when went to switch on wifi, was greyed out.

    I followed the suggestions reset network settings no joy, backed up to the cloud then did a hard reset via itunes from my mac,

    Reset done still not able to get on wifi, could'n't get my stuff from the cloud as said needed wifi. Throughout the day phone went weird, getting texts and not able to read them then last night, display went off completely could not get out of sleep mode. Thought phone had died but when got in the car it synced to handsfree, so its stuck completely.

    I have to wait to hopefully go to apple store today to get replacement as still in warranty now very wary about updating future version on the phone, due to the problem I have had. As I only get 500mb of 3g which wouldn't last me a week so more reliant on wifi.

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    This has now happened to me 3 times - i am going in to get my 4th replacement phone today. I find it insane that they have forced me into either a) paying to upgrade as the iphone 5 and up don't seem to be having this issue or b) driving to the nearest apple store which is not that near, to get a repleacement phone every few weeks. This will be my FOURTH PHONE. I also don't feel i should be forced into an upgrade as i bought this phone less than a year ago. I have loved apple and their products for so long but this is very disheartening. Not sure what to do at this point.

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    I have Iphone 4s and experienced the same issue.  I solved this problem by turning the airplane mode on then allow the phone to discharge completely. Charge the phone then turn the airplane mode off. The wifi should become enable. It has been 24 hours now and my wifi is still enabled. 

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    Dont know if you noticed that Volkswagen have just announced a recall of 2.6 million cars because they had the wrong oil way back as far as 2009.  Thats 4 years ago.  Just a shame that same customer service hasn't been apparent here.


    The iPhone is a great device.....   we deserved better than this!  You would too if yours broke through a defect in manufacturing or design; like this most likely is.

  • Delex Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Update on the status of my Iphone 4s wifi. My wifi broke again and this time I could not replicate the result of what I did on my previous post. I'm puzzled at this time.

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    I TOTALLY agree. Apple should recall since Apple & ATT told me it's a "known" issue with 4S (& now with some 5's). It was poor soldering issue brought out by upgrade that overheats the connections. Only option outside warranty is to pay deductible to get same phone with same problem!  Insurance usually makes you pay deductible & what current value is towards new. But now telling me I ONLY can replace with known defective phone!  Apple should be ashamed!!!

    I'm done!

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    4s here, same problem, nothing works.  Happened after 7.0.4 upgrade.

  • Rayjmond Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i need wifi

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    We went to the Apple Store today, and like others in this post Apple wants $199 for a new iPhone to fix our WIFI failure.     A year and 2 months on our phone.  In our case running 6.1.3 iOS. To make matters worst they told us to reset the phone in an attempt to fix the WIFI, not knowing our photos were not being backed up in iCloud (which I thought they were).  We have photos from 10/18 when we bought a iPad mini from photo stream.   Just waiting for that iPad Mini WIFI to fail too . At least we have a year warranty on that device because that seems how long these devices last.   Glad we bought the cheaper $299 version b4 they came out with the Retna version.  I pushed my wife to an iPhone because I thought there was better customer service (a company that cares) and a solid hardware/software company. Far from the truth in my view.   Right now I am so thankful for my own Google phone!

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    I update my iPhone 4S last 4day to the new 7.0.4. O and since I have done that update I can't use wifi anymore, the button is a real light grey and can't be activated. I restart all the seeting 4 to 5 times but it is not working. still wifi greyed out.



    I follow all step 4-5 times but still it's not working.


    Please  give me proper solution for that and solve the problem.





    Ankur Patel

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