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  • Been Beenie Level 1 (0 points)

    Great.  Am trying out Ralph's tip.  When I took my 4s to the Apple Store in London they didn't actually look at it at all.  They told me I'd need to pay £155 for a replacement phone and that that was the only answer.  If I'd bought the phone in the UK it would be guaranteed for hardware problems for 6 years - good to know - but unfortunately I'd bought it in California who don't have the same guarantee laws.  It's particularly annoying as the phone had to be replaced in its first year because of a weird freezing problem and here we are two years later but out of waranty with another dire problem.  I hope your phone got sorted with one of these tips. 

  • Been Beenie Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi.  If you bought your phone in the UK then actually Apple have to replace it if it suffering a hardware problem.  It's the law.  They have a 6 year obligation.  Hope this helps

  • OriginalDigger Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Been Beenie,

    Can you please tell the source of this information (hardware warranty in UK purchased-iphone for 6 years)?

    As I have read on apple website/iphone booklet, the warranty is only for one year only. I even went to apple store in London but they straight away refused to own the fault by saying the phone is out of warranty. I however, was offered a staggering £159 repair bill or help in recycling.

    Please give some more information and references if possible for the 6 years obligation. Thanks.

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    This is the 4th time I get my iphone 4s replaced in a week because the wifi toggle is greyed out on every phone I get after about a day or two. The apple technicians recommended not to restore my backup to the phone since this could be the cause of the problem. However, it still happened even if I didn't use my old backup. This seems to be a hardware issue or a ios 7.04 bug on the iphone 4s.


    Does anyone know what to do about this problem?

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 (7,320 points)

    You're on your fifth iPhone 4S?  Then contact Apple Support, and ask for a supervisor.  The Apple Support Supervisors have more options than an Apple Store.  Make sure they know that you are on your fifth device, each one has been restored as new, kept as new, and your wi-fi still greys out. 

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    I'm hoping that the device I just received will function properly. I won't be restoring it or connecting it to my pc or anything like that hoping that the wifi won't deactivate itself again because of some corrupt file. I will contact an Apple support supervisor if this happens again since Apple store employees seem to be powerless in this regard. Thanks for the good advice!

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    Dear GW022,


    I follow this issue since the day I had the problem on my 4S, but on your comment about the hairdryer thing, I do try it out, till it over head, and then freezing the phone immediately for several hour, it works for me, how can I do any document proof on this?, I just follow the YOU TUBE guys who suggestion how to solve this problem.


    Now is day 10 after I fix it, I will update on this fourm if my 4S had problem again on wifi grey out, but I hope it will not.


    I do not care the **** out of anyone problem, but since we all are the same victim, I just wish that people out there like you are me who do not have any choice other then do it yoursef (since apple is so iresponsoible) then no point complaning, fix it or change to other product, nows a day many smartphone out there is smartehr then Tim Cook, go for it, for me I had stuck on apple product as too many link within like my son ipad2, my mac pro, airport time capsule, and my wife 4S, this has been family circle product, don't do that, I feel stupid now and is too costly to turn back.


    Good Luck !

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    Have the same problem with my 4s running ios7. It started 2 days ago. Long after the last update. Pretty sure it is a hardware issue. Bought it in Boston, MA, almost 2 years ago. Does anyone know when the warrant expires?

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 (7,320 points)

    Standard hardware warranty is one year from date of purchase.

    AppleCare can extend this to two years from date of purchase.


    If you have AppleCare, and its within two years of purchase, you should be covered, and the repalcement will be free.

    If not, it will probably cost $199 USD + tax.

  • Been Beenie Level 1 (0 points)

    The Genius Bar at White City. The genius I spoke to told me there is an eu lae that covers hardware faults four 6 years. She said if I'd bought the phone in the uk I'd be covered but because I'd bought it in the us I wasn't. Hope you succeed

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    Hi guys, I had the same issue of wifi. And you guys helped a lot. I tried every technique for almost 3 days. I reset the network settings, reset phone settings and reset phone settings with erasing all the data/media. It didn't work. I put my phone in freezer twice for almost 20 minutes. It worked for 10 minutes and again got greyed out and searching. I was completely exhausted and fed-up. Finally today I went to a phone repair shop, told him about the issue, and he was like "No problem, your phone will be okay after 20 mins" as if he already knew, and he did. Because later I spoke to him and he said this is a hardware problem by Apple itself when iPhone 4S products were manufactured in China. Well, he took a reasonable price for repair. And now my iPhone's wifi is working fine. He changed the chip. So, say NO to all these techniques and go for a repair.


    Seriously, I was an Apple lover from their first product. And I have been using Apple products since then. But sorry Apple, you lacked. Very bad experience for the first time. If it was an issue with few peeps, but all over the globe 150k people are facing the same problem. Good bye apple. Switching to Android. I hope next time when Apple would want to manufacture their products, they should certainly keep in mind each and everything, hope so but still unhappy with Apple. Exhausted user here. I will never use an iPhone now.

  • Possante Level 1 (0 points)

    I am not so sure anymore that it is a hardware problem. I tried the hair drier technique today. It did not work as soon as I turned it on after cooling down. But it did work after resetting the network configuration. Just like it is recommended by Apple. The thing is tha I had done this resetting several times in the last few days. It never worked before. But after the hair drier thing it worked in the first. So far so good. If it turns gray again I'll let you know.

  • hanprat Level 1 (0 points)

    The hair dryer thing work for me for couple hrs but after that it start losing connection and when i rejoin wifi, it says unable to connect.


    I even update to the newest firmware. 7.1 beta 3. But this release is not gonna fix this problem.


    Oh btw did any of you feel that battery drain more faster? I think somehow iphone still lookup available wifi, or trying to connect

  • ChadleyG Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm on my third 4S with the fourth on the way. I'm losing hope. I've tried every trick and every tweak and network reset. Seems like this is a 4S problem that is NOT going away. I was REALLY hoping that 7.1 was going to fix it but it seems like that is not the case after reading your post. The only thing that I wondered is if it could have been when they switched to the different baseband. That's THE DAY when my phone first started acting up and every phone I've received since then has been on the new baseband.


  • Freelucky Level 1 (0 points)



    So it's very simple. All you have to do is go to Settings>Controle Center. Turn off the access on lock screen, then turn off your device. Then turn on your device back. Go back to setting and wifi, normally it's will work.




    Sorry for my bad English, because I'm French.

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