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  • Dave Kroske Level 1 Level 1 (135 points)


    Can you add some specifics to your repaired fix. Even if you need to call the guy back, MANY here would greatly appreciate the info so they know eaxctly what to ask a repair shop if they can do it and the cost.


    "He changed the chip" Is it the Wifi chip and what was involved in doing it (desolder old one and resolder new one in?) Does he have a part number for the 'good' chip he installs? WHat did it cost for the repair and how long did he need to keep your 4S? Name of guy & shop in case some here are local to it.


    Please report back if your wifi issue comes back


    Thanks in advance for this info.

  • Dave Kroske Level 1 Level 1 (135 points)


    1) Did problem start with iOS 6.0 for ANYONE?

    2) If 'no' to #1, is there ANY WAY to upgrade to iOS 6.0 at this point? I know the common wisdom is that you can only upgrade to the 'latest' iOS, nothing in between your current iOS and that. Just wondering if there is any secret 'Apple Geek' * ways to do this? If so, I'll search out an Apple 'geek' to do it for me. I'll hold out for another two months until contract renewal if I have to, but it would be nice not to be forced to upgrade evn then.


    My 4s is still actually at iOS 5.1.1. I have NOT upgraded the iOS for the obvious reason not to risk what I have been reading here for months (and empathise with  ). I have been away from this thread for a while. Can someone remind me of the earliest iOS version (6.0??) this problem has been reported to have started with for anyone?


    There are some Apps that I have not been able to use because they require iOS 6.0 or better.


    Thanks in advance

    * (and you KNOW I do not mean Apple 'Genius', which has become quite the oxymoron given the misinformation they give out on this WiFi 4S issue ! )

  • Been Beenie Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

      So probably best not to upgrade and if uou do, get in touch with Apple Care first to discuss your concerns. They may be the best people to advise you

    Ok. So here is what I have found out. Apparently when we upgraded to the new operating system our wifi chip was on the way out and not working 100%. The geniuses I spoke to explained that when the upgrade happened the software recognised a not perfect piece of hardware and shut it down which begs the question....  Why did Apple not warn us not to upgrade our 4s phones as this was a likely outcome? 

    I've tried all the non invasive suggestions on this thread to no avail. On top of everything my 13 month old phone also has a dying battery. Rethinking my 15 year+ allegiance to Apple

  • Been Beenie Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It turns out the law simply states that you have the right to return an item for up to 6 years, if you can prove it has an inherent fault, present at the time of manufacture, and you would reasonably expect the item to last longer than 6 years

    Apple may see the wifi chip defect as faulty. Certainly my battery and my wifi chip have failed within 13 months, which you wouldn't expect. Sadly I bought the phone in America so it's not covered


    This Sale of Goods Act fact sheet may help umers/fact-sheets/page38311.html

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    Does anyone get what is really going on here? Apple is now focused on production of a commodity, not on satisfying trivial groups of customers. This is what their bean counters tell them to do; ship out volume, don't worry if quality issues affect a million or so customers. Great short term thinking, but this is how great companies go rotten.

  • vaportrails2002 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is what I did and it worked...Download the Witness Driving app and overheat your 4s using the app with all settings enabled and make sure it is charging as well... it may take 1/2 hour or so (maybe longer)...after that let it cool down (I held mine out the car window while driving) and then just do a reset of all settings. It worked on mine and it also fixed the battery issue as well. It went almost a day before it dropped to 99%, just sitting (not being used). It heats up right by the wifi chip and when you are running video, nav and charging all at once it gets toasty...enough to do the trick. It's been fine for a week so far.....

  • iv4000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey, I had the same problem. I tried almost everything.

    Finally IT WORKED.

    I let my battery die fully, waited for about 10 minutes, then I recharged it and the wi-fi was active. It took me about 5 minutes for it to start working proparly. In the beggining it didn't find networks but aftre a couple of tries and waiting it finally found networks, connected and worked.

    Hope it will stay this way!


    Hope it works for you too!

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    Solution to wifi greyed out is to overheat your iPhone with a hair dryer until it turns itself off.  Then it will start working a few hours later.  This is the 4th time the hair dryer trick worked for me in two years. Google it to check.

  • luiz.morales Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi all,


    After I've tried all the methods described on the web to make my wifi work again on my iPhone 4s, I gave a try this morning on the "hair-dryer method" (I was afraid initially to damage the whole thing), but IT WORKED PERFECTLY!!!! I don't know if in some days or weeks I'll have to do it again, but everything is working really fine now. Here is the link:



    I have heated the iPhone for ~13 minutes, until I've got the meassed of "overheating". I've turned of the iPhone and let it to cool down for 30 minutes and everything is fine. Just do the heating slowly, and concentrate the hot air around the earphone jack, moving from time to time to the screen!


    Apple knows that, and I'll definitely not buy another iPhone. It is a pity that after Steve Jobs passed away, Apple started to do these "small tricks" to make people to spend money in unecessary things. You should be ashamed!!!



    Luiz Morales

  • SMARTER THAN AN IPHONE Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem with my 4s with the Wi-Fi button getting greyed out for no apparent reason.  I read several posts that talked about heating it up and freezing it. (I didn't try those methods).


    Anyway, I read a post, where a person just let their iphone battery go dead overnight and they said the Wi-Fi worked after they recharged.  I thought that would never work, but UNBELIEVABLY I am on the Wi-Fi right now as I type.


    Long story short - you probably don't have to overheat or freeze it to shut it down (might chance possible damage), just let the phone go dead and recharge and it will be up and running. 

  • user1961 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Regardless of this being a software or hardware fault, Apple need to own up and get this issue resolved very quickly !! The internet is crawling with unhappy iPhone users who cannot access their WiFi !!


    ... The Apple halo is falling !

  • GonnaGoDroid Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an apple Iphone 4 8 gig CDMA from Verizon, model MD200LL/A running ios 7.0.4 (11B554a)

    I have had greyed out wifi issues since the first installation of iOS 7.  Sometimes it would come back.  Now on 7.0.4 I cannot connect to wifi at all.  The slide button is greyed out.  I did the freezer method, didn't work.  However, with the hair dryer overheating method, it did overheat, and then after reboot, it switched on wifi, and it found and connected to home wifi, and STAYED connected to wifi like glue.  Supreme great wifi connection.  For about 12 hours.  By next morning it was greyed out again.   I did this twice and both times, the newly found wifi was greyed out the next day.  Now I'm not going to keep hair drying my iphone to make the wifi work, this is ridiculous.  This iphone is way out of warranty, 3 years old etc.

    I've heard people say they go to the apple store and they pay 130, or 160 British pounds (I'm in the USA) and they got a replacement.  What will the apple store tell me if I take this iphone to them with the wifi problem?  Is it $200 for a replacement?  Is that a replacement going to be another 8gig 4?  Or could I get a 4S at this point?  The apple store is an hour away from me, just wondering what to expect if I go there and ask for help.

  • GonnaGoDroid Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Everyone who overheated or battery-drained their phone to achieve wifi success, please indicate how long it STAYED THAT WAY.  Was it short lived?

  • luiz.morales Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    UPDATE, following GonnaGoDroid request :-)


    I've overheated my iPhone 4S, the wifi worked for 2 days, and now it is greyed out again. I won't do it again as I can still make calls and listen to music, but I am definitely abandoning iPhones. It seems after Steve Jobs passed away, Apple lost the track (again). This is pretty clear in the constant number of stupid updates we receive for the iPhone and for the Mac after these new OS versions. It is a pity!!!

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    I have wifi issue on my iPhone 4S too. But I have changed my phone to Sony. For me, iDevices are high-end devices on market but why there is issue like this. This is horrible situation I have ever experienced. What can I do without wifi ? Even downloading app with size more than 100mb. That's why I decide to dump my iPhone away LoL. No more iDevices. Sorry apple

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