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  • Badapple1234 Level 1 Level 1

    After installing 6 upgrade my wifi was grey and the Bluetooth would just cycle like it was connecting but never connect. After following all the bs apple told me to do with resetting and all the bs the phone still didn't work. I took it in to my local store (45) minutes away and waited for about 2 hours with my 5 year old impatient daughter. The rep looked at my phone and ran a check and said it was a software issue and told me that I could replace my phone for 200 dollars. Now if I had dropped or gotten my phone wet I could understand a charge but a faulty phone they wanted to charge me money. After talking to several people I got no where with not paying the 200 dollar fee for their phone messing up so I left with my pos phone that they created due to the upgrade. After dealing with Apple and their money hungry bs I am done owning a pos apple product that they don't stand behind

  • Jamie-92 Level 1 Level 1

    I have an iphone 4s, & my wifi has been "greyed out" since Sept. 2013. I was FINALLY able to make a 3 hour drive to the nearest apple store, & after waiting 2 hours for an appointment they told me I could either replace it for $199 or "have a very expensive mp4 player"!!!!!!!!!

  • OriginalDigger Level 1 Level 1

    I had my Iphone 4S replaced to a new Iphone4S in January even Apple standard 1 year warranty had already expired (Under the UK/EU consumer law act.) This new phone had warranty of 3 months, and guess what? I had the same greyed out wifi problem again on the new replaced iphone within 3 months.


    I would opt out all the suggestions that its a software upgrade and which software version upgrade did this to someone, or doing some work arounds will solve it, or it was a certain app etc etc etc. I happen to have this phone in January and didn't use this phone alot . i.e. no upgrades, no app installed etc. And yesterday the wifi gone grey again for no good reason. Also, I have found that even if wifi comes back working (for whatever reason), its all temporary as you expect it to go down anytime it would like.


    Spoken to the costomer services and they gave me 'good news' that because i'm still in 3months time on my 2nd phone, i'm still in warranty so no problem!.


    My concern still remains there that what happens if it was over 3 months time on this phone? or else, what if I get replacement 3rd phone and it has grey wifi again after 3 months?


    Why Apple doesn't own this problem that it was a faulty hardware/software/blabla ... and certain iphone series is effected and they recall all of those? If you search on internet / apple discussion forums, It certainly isn't a case of a single iphone but its a mass production problem and unless Apple doesn't look for it, its going to be equivilent mass population switching to other competetors in future. Apple wake up !

  • vizziex Level 1 Level 1

    Hey guys,


    So I did a a lot of research and did all the sggested tasks to fix my iPhone 4S greyed at WiFi and NOTHING worked, untill I tried the hairdryer technique. It works, but this is how I did it:


    I took my iPhone case off and put my hairdryer on full heat pointing at the headphone area.

    I constantly checked my phone for the tempreture warning which took 3 to 5 minutes to pop up.

    As soon as I got the warning I stopped my hair dryer and turn my fan on full speed and put my phone in front of it to catch the cold air.

    That took about 3 to 5 minutes as well but if you don't have a fan I suggest to just leave it to cool down for 10 minutes and check on it.

    At first it seemed that it hadn't worked so I restarted my phone and went back to the WiFi settings and BOOM all ready and working.


    My only conclusion to how this method works is I believe it melts the damaged solder between the components and then when it cools, it resets and usually back in the right place.


    Please try this before getting a new phone and PLEASE be careful and smart enough not to actually melt your phone.


    Hope I've helped you all


  • CABKNY Level 1 Level 1

    So just a couple heads up



    a) You don't have to remove the cover, just place the iPhone at the top of a pint glass or something and heat the top and the bottom of it, pointing the dryer directly into the speakers, usb port on one side and rotating to the headphone, lock button every 3 mins or so, same effect, without all the hassle of disassembling. Takes about 8 mins when I do it.


    b) You'll lose your WiFi again, I lost mine about 7 days after the hair dryer fix.


    I've personally been too ****** to re hair dryer my stupid phone, luckily my warrenty expired and I really don't want to tdeal with teh Genius Bar that knows there's a problem, but has no power to issue a freee upgrade to 5 or replace a phone out of warrenty.


    So it hit me suddenly, since I don't have an upgrade with Verizon till November and an iPhone with ZERO wifi ability is kinda moot, I just need access to email, a sync calendar, my phone contacts and about a thousand mp3's, Samsung has plenty of devices that do this and would adore if I looked into them.



  • ebender3 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you so much !!!  My daughter was flipping out, and couldn't get the WiFi to work.  I read this post and voila! It works now!

  • Ignotas Level 1 Level 1

    I had same WIFI problem, this fixed the problem: heated with hair drier for 30-60 seconds by pointing strit to top of iphone vertically till got temperature alarm, switched off the phone by holding top button (carefull, very hot) and left in balcony for 5 minutes.

  • Misiak Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunatelly, all these hairdryer and freezer methods are not permanent solution. Sooner or later you will lose the connectivity again and you need to repeat the whole process again. If you are lucky it may work for few weeks but when phone is stressed enough (playing 3d games, updating the phone to new version, etc.) this will produce lot of heat and stress of the chipse and your wifi will say bye-bye to you again. I tried everything, also heatgun right on the chip, well, it worked for 3 weeks and the I lost it again. That time I was so desperate I've tried to reflow the chip with high temp for about 2 minutes and after I've assembly the phone back it was completelly dead. So I smashed it by the wall and bought new 5s with 2y warranty and hopefully I will never face this stupid issue again. I think I just had a bad luck because all apple products I owned were great quality and this 4s I've bought from second hand must have had an problem alreadz and the seller just "forgot" to tell me about it :-/ He just used hair draier strick so it worked for few days, sell it and enjoyed his money laughing. I don't believe he did not know about it. It was only a 3 months old phone! Looked as a new! Some people are really pigs. In any case I've got another lesson from life and I will never buy any consumer electronic from second hand because in most cases there is always a reason why the person sell an item.

  • Nidenk Level 1 Level 1

    hi guys. I myself had this problem with 4 of my iphone 4s. Every Month i had to drive an hour away to the apple store so they could replace my phone again and again. Finally on the 4th time it went out i called apple customer service and demanded to speak to a mangager. After a very long and grueling proccess they offered to upgrade me to and iphone 5c for free or and iphone 5s for only 100 dollars. Of course i went with the 5s for 100 dollars. I now have an iphone 5s and i couldnt be happier. Yes it is a hardware failure with the new 4s they make. But i am now a very happy and satisfied customer. My phone is now 4x Faster and its gold!

  • naaya Level 1 Level 1

    thank you so much Ralph .
    my wifi hadnt worked for nearly a year .
         THANK YOU SO MUCH !

  • nick1331 Level 1 Level 1

    same problem with my 4s I will not be making the same mistake twice I will never buy a apple product ever again this is the worst problem a phone could have no wifi makes a phone worthless. i am so angry i'm switching to the galaxy.

  • Misiak Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with you. The phone without wifi is useless. Especially Apple's expensive phones. One would expect an outstanding quality. That was the reason I've tried to replace the chip and underwent the risk - it was 50/50. Unfortunatelly, I broke the phone completelly. But I believe, this was only a bad luck with some 4s models. I bought 5s instead but if I ever encounter the same issue with this model, then this was the last product from Apple I've bought. But I believe this will not happen

  • nick1331 Level 1 Level 1

    It won't happen until the iphone 6 comes out at least. it's funny how my wifi stopped working as soon as I updated to the latest IOS it's a huge scam from apple to make us update or waste money on hardware fix I'm just not gonna buy apple products due to this reason.

  • nick1331 Level 1 Level 1

    the heating your phone up turning it off & cooling it down works i just fixed the problem im still disappointed in apple though they have to know about this but are making so much money off it. from now on im

    'm not even gonna bother with apple customer service I'll go straight to youtube for my technical support.


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  • matroz Level 1 Level 1

    Finally I found the permanent fix to the pesky iphone problems.


    I just bought a samsung s4. Oh well, I will probalby be ending up googling problems with this phone now, but hey, at least I can connect using standard mini usb and I dont have to use bizarre programmes to update, transfer music, etc, etc, etc.

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